Arcade April Fools Jokes 2016

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Arcade April Fools Jokes 2016

Today is a day that not everyone enjoys but I just take it as: you know what’s coming so just have some fun with it. There have been a few April Fools jokes to find out there, including our own VR Show pictured below but here are a few others to check out:

The best I could do for coming up with the idea at 8:30PM on March 31st :P

The best I could do for coming up with the idea at 8:30PM on March 31st 😛

Stern Hello Kitty Pinball

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Taito’s Darius Aquamusement – This is likely my favorite of the day. Taito has always done great April Fools jokes when they go for it, this being no exception. The video is made for HMDs but if you do not have a VR headset, you should be able to click and drag the video around to see a variety of Dariusburst bosses. Be sure to move over to the left (from where the video begins) near the 50 sec. mark 😉

Fix-It Felix Spins You Right Round – Apparently this image swirling thing is built into the code!

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Chuck E Cheeses Gouda Cheese – Ready for your hot date at Chuck E Cheeses?

And finally, Splatoon Arcade Cart – Hey, CounterStrike Neo Arcade, Half-Life 2 Survivor and Left 4 Dead Arcade were totally real in Japan…why not Splatoon? Original source, the SplatoonJP Twitter.

If there is anything we missed that is arcade/pinball related for the day, let us know!

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  1. uk arcades April 2, 2016 at 2:57 am - Reply

    lol good stuff and yes that splatton can be done 🙂 would be good just to have the two/four hooked up on something cool as that kart :L

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