3 New Arcade Titles To Be Unveiled At Midwest Gaming Classic This Weekend

arcadehero April 6, 2016 0

UPDATE: The games have been shown off, check them out!

The Midwest Gaming Classic event is approaching this weekend and while the name implies that it’s all about older/retro/classic games, that is not always the case. Items like the Retron 5 game console have been announced there and now a big arcade announcement is going to happen at MGC 2016 thanks to Game Refuge Inc. and Galloping Ghost Productions. This announcement graced the web yesterday, mentioning that three new titles will be making an appearance at the MGC event:

[fb_pe url=”https://www.facebook.com/GameRefuge/photos/a.171627646188561.36795.119622791389047/1180876335263682/?type=3″ bottom=”30″]

If you are unfamiliar with Game Refuge, that is a game development studio led by former Midway artist and game designer Brian Colin. There are numerous classic properties that he has credit on, including Rampage, Xenophobe, Spy Hunter, Discs of Tron and others – this link shows a detailed history of their developments. Galloping Ghost Productions of course is tied to the Galloping Ghost Arcade, where they have been long working on a fighting title called Dark Presence. Dark Presence is still in development, the company showing it off at some local gaming events recently.

As for the new games themselves, from what little I know, they are more classic in nature than what we tend to find from most manufacturers these days (i.e., not light-gun/racing/dance games). From the drawing above, one is a horror/terror theme, unless they are just mis-directing. Based on a post that showed up on the GR Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, one of them could be the completion of an old FMV game that was being worked on by Brian Colin at Midway back in the 80s but it was canned (more details on that and several other projects that Mr. Colin worked on). However, the MGC post says “brand new” and “never-before-seen” games so I’ll have to lean towards that likely being a completion of the game for mobile/PC as opposed to the arcade. I do think that Spectre Files would have a space in the arcade business these days as it would be different than anything else out there, kind of like The Act was.  We’ll see for sure this weekend.

I don’t have any media or extra details to share on the 3 games at the moment but we will report on that once the details are available. It will be interesting to see how players and operators will take to the games – what are you hoping to see?


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