Pinball Hall Of Fame Owner Looking For An Apprentice

arcadehero April 12, 2016 0

We’ve spoken about the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, NV a few times on the site before (starting with this one the same month that this website began) although this story today is turning heads more than others.

As a quick backstory, Tim Arnold is the owner of the Hall of Fame and he has been collecting games since the early 70s. The Hall of Fame has amassed an incredible collection of machines that is maintained by himself as well as a small army of volunteers. When people in arcade circles mention Vegas, they tend to suggest that you visit the PHF – what they have available is quite impressive (this list does not include his warehouse of games not on the floor).


The news today comes from an interview of Mr. Arnold by The Guardian UK. It covers the history of the organization but also Mr. Arnold’s…grumpy manners (I can understand his side of it – when you spend so much money then put all the time and effort into owning and maintaining the games, it grates on the nerves when someone is disrespectful to them). That leads into his search for a replacement. As the article states:

He’s looking for a protege with the skills to take over his arcade empire in an era where the 1970s and 80s electronic circuitry that are the guts of most machines have become as difficult to get as the treasure in a pinball pharaoh’s tomb.

Maintenance and parts is always an issue whether the arcade is new or old but it certainly is expanded on when you are dealing with such mechanical devices. The rest of the article deals with Arnold’s history and hints at the need for someone with a knack for customer service.

So, any of our readers out there interested in or capable of becoming the next leader of the Pinball Hall of Fame?

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