Meleap’s AR Technology ‘Hado’ Expanding Into The Arcade Space

arcadehero May 2, 2016 1
Meleap’s AR Technology ‘Hado’ Expanding Into The Arcade Space

A lot of the chatter regarding new technology has been centered around VR (Virtual Reality) but it is hardly the only new tech that is looking to change the way we entertain ourselves. In particular you have examples of Mixed Reality (MR) and more developments with Augmented Reality (AR). For the latter, a Japanese company by the name of Meleap has been working on making it viable for use in out-of-home leisure facilities.

They are calling that technology HADO, which uses AR to create possibilities within the realm of what they brand is a “techno sport”. The ‘pitch’ video of sorts, shows the idea in more detail along with the possibilities that allow users to unlock their superhero powers:

However in the practice, the actual graphics in the projects that they have developed are a bit more rudimentary than the ambitions behind the hardware(sadly this has been typical of many VR setups – most of the development cash goes into the hardware so what is left for software only allows for something basic). As these videos show, they really like the idea of fireballs:

Meleap has setup these temporary “HADO Events” in Japan as well as in France and according to their website, they have opportunities available for “leisure facilities”, which would include arcades or FECs. What are your thoughts on the potential of AR setups in arcades around the world?


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  1. Alfred May 13, 2016 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    Honestly it would be cool to walk around an arcade, and then find random dragons attacking.

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