Terrible and Not-So-Good Photos From the Arcade Reselling World

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Back when I was looking for a house, I stumbled across a blog that documented terrible photos from the Real Estate world. You would think that in the process of selling a house that you would want to present it as best as possible or at the very least make an attempt to clean things up (or learn how to use a basic photo editing program that comes free with any computer). I mean, it’s not like you are expecting buyers to spend thousands of dollars on the purchase or anything.

I started thinking how that might be with arcade collecting and reselling, as in the past I have some seen some head-scratching pictures. Granted, before photo editing software was pretty much built into the cameras, bad pictures were prone to happen sometimes. But when they aren’t, we can have some fun with them. Recalling the bad housing pictures, I ventured out into the arcade reselling world and here is what I found. I will not edit them in any way myself, its better to see them in their natural first estate. Accompanied by some jokes, just for some good natured fun. (Pictures found from different classified sites, not just Craigslist).

The Tipsy Neck Breaker – The most common bad photo you will find while searching the classifieds are these. They eschew the “Rotate Photo” function with righteous indignity.


This should be good practice if something ever takes us to Mount Everest Batman!


If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find your shiny duct tape handy


Buy before the nova kills us all!


Gameplay improves 50% when tipped on its side!


Apparently the pills he prescribes are just crushed shrooms


Now imagine this game being played vertically and you have a good idea of what its like.


The Blur – Because the Focus function is for saps.


The excitement of the big game was tempered when Indiana and Seattle forgot to wear their contacts.


That haze you see is the effect of the game trying to return to 1981, back when people knew what it was.

Buy Dance Game! DAAANCE!

Buy Dance Game! DAAANCE!


They appear to be in mint condition when blurred


They put Baby in a corner. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Cutting edge isometric blur action!

Cutting edge isometric blur action!

It's Blur-tastic!

It’s Blur-tastic!


Mikie and showering never really got along anyways

At least the logo is big enough to tell what it is...

At least the logo is big enough to tell what it is…

Bad light– Sometimes the lighting just isn’t there for the presentation you need to plunk down $500+ on a game


Is it safe to come out? Did the soldiers pass by?


Where the cabinet ends and the darkness begins is something that Johnny Nero must discover for himself


If you’re a vampire I’d recommend you pass this up but hey, its your money.

Squint hard enough and you'll find the Megatouch cabinet in this picture

Squint hard enough and you’ll find the Megatouch cabinet in this picture

No amount of background reflection can cover up the better days this one has seen.

No amount of background reflection can cover up the shame.

Bad lighting and blurry, what's not to love?

Bad lighting and a little blurry, what’s not to love?

This one playing for a role in the next Found Footage movie.

This one playing for a role in the next Found Footage movie.

The Mess – I have picked up some games before that were downright disgusting. The worst was a Mortal Kombat cabinet that had been converted to a Golden Tee, that I was going to convert to something else – covered in old crusty vomit. I got it as a bulk deal, otherwise I would have turned it away. I also did not see a pic of it in advance. Here are pictures where the seller simply had better things to do than take 50 seconds to wipe the thing down.


Just wait until you open up the coin door!


Now with realistic smoke screen!


Works great when using included jumper cables on stormy nights

Buy today and we'll throw in the soiled mat for FREE!

Buy today and we’ll throw in the soiled mat for FREE!

Operates as both a game AND a shelf, WHAT VALUE!

Operates as both a game AND a parts shelf, WHAT VALUE!


Now I’m thinking of something orange…

Know about other bad photos from the wonderful world of arcade sales? Let us know! There’s plenty out there for a part 2…


Thrill! as you stare into the abyss


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