Jersey Jack Pinball Launches New Trailer For The Hobbit; Dialed In! Gameplay

arcadehero October 20, 2016 1

With Pinball Expo 2016 come and gone, pinball fans have had plenty to discuss (and argue) about. For manufacturers unveiling new games, it’s an opportunity to take advantage of the spotlight.

New Trailer For The Hobbit Pinball

Jersey Jack’s second game, The Hobbit was released earlier this year and today the company released this slick and professional trailer that promotes the various features that the game has. For anyone who hasn’t played the game yet, I think it is a good primer that should drive interest in the game. What do you think?

This also was lost in the hustle ‘n bustle of the new game coverage but JJP did announce a new “Black Arrow” version of The Hobbit which has the same price as their Limited Edition game but has a few special changes including black pinballs.


Dialed In! Gameplay

For their 3rd title Dialed In!, the company has also released this footage of the game in action.

There appears to be a lot of debate about this one out in the ‘wonderful’ world of pinball forums, mainly over the price. I think this is due to people being comfortable with where pinball has been for many years, the lack of competition shielding it from price increases but also from innovations.

It is true that the pinball market has had a much stronger focus on collectors as opposed to operators. Such collectors are not accustomed to price increases like we see on the video side of the amusement business. With more video games costing above $20k and $30k, sticker shock isn’t as common on our end. With that said, not all ops embrace pinball because for a long time it has not been a strong earner. I think that is because not all games seem to be designed with location operation in mind, it’s more about pleasing collectors. In my view, a game designed for location operation first will end up appealing to collectors, regardless the price. If that wasn’t the case then classics like Twilight zone, The Addams Family or Medieval Madness wouldn’t have legs today.

JJP titles have reportedly been very strong earners on location so as long as that holds true for Dialed In!, which I think it will, then that will eventually benefit collectors as more locations will buy them, meaning more supply out there to meet demand. That might mean that a collector who finds this game outside of their budget may have to wait longer but it won’t be like trying to find a Joust pinball.

What are your thoughts on this?

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