Coming To IAAPA 2016: Sega Announces Target Bravo: Operation Ghost & Let’s Go Island Dream Edition

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The biggest trade show in the arcade & amusement industry by the name of IAAPA is just a few weeks away. With that, we are receiving more news about the products that are going to be there. Today, Sega Amusements unveiled most (not all) of their line-up that will be on hand. Let’s check it out:

Target Bravo: Operation Ghost

Back in 2011, Sega went back into their catalog and produced a sequel to their popular GHOST Squad light-gun game called Operation GHOST. The player jumped into the role of a special forces unit that took on terrorists. With the new game, Sega introduced new guns and a cool LED radar system that was integrated into the game’s monitor bezel.

Today, a sequel to that has been announced by the name of Target Bravo: Operation Ghost. While the press release calls it a new game, the CG render of the cabinet shows a scene from operation GHOST so I’m wondering if this is really just a new cabinet with some tweaks to the software. I’ve reached out to Sega for comment and will update this post accordingly. According to that press release:

First up in the video category is Target Bravo: Operation Ghost a brand new two-player game brought to life in a 55” atmospheric theatre cabinet. Players are put in the shoes of a highly trained Special Forces agent. Then using precision shooting, quick reactions and brand new tools at their disposal players must complete their missions. With new weapons, gadgets and equipment, Target Bravo: Operation Ghost also allows players to start at any stage of the game, thereby encouraging them to come back and play their favourite stages again and again!

Here’s hoping that if it is a remaster of the 2011 game that they’ve added new content but also improved the graphics. Those were a bit of a disappointment back-in-the-day so a higher resolution and improved textures would be nice. Here is the new enclosed cabinet render in the PR. Click here to compare to the 2011 55″ release.


Let’s Go Island Dream Edition

Also returning from the 2011 roster is another familiar name – Let’s Go Island. As a sequel to the popular Let’s Go Jungle, that casual light-gun game put players back into a tropical setting while blasting bugs away. The press release on this one seems to indicate that the software hasn’t really changed, that it is a new cabinet design. Long time readers will notice right off the bat that this uses the same cabinet design as Sega’s Dream Raiders (hence the “Dream Edition”) game that the company released in 2012. That uses a motion platform and wind effects in addition to the mounted guns. From the PR:

Also in the video category is Let’s Go Island Dream Edition a reimagined game that is a follow-up to Sega’s number one action adventure game ‘Let’s Go Jungle’. With Let’s Go Island Dream Edition players are on a South Pacific island diving tour and soon end up in trouble with dastardly pirates. Players must work together to survive everything the island has to throw at them. The huge 55” screen, rapid-fire gameplay and brand new family fun dream motion seat all combine to make Let’s Go Island Dream Edition a fun adventure game

Here is the rechristened cabinet; click here for the original Dream Raiders cabinet :


Other Sega IAAPA titles Plus A Big Announcement Next Week

The press release mentions new videmption games such as Dinosaur Catcher and Pump The Balloon, both games designed to appeal to children. Pump The Ballon does have an attractive cabinet with air pump controllers so I imagine it will do well in the category.


For video only, we also will see games that we have seen before such as Luigi’s Mansion Arcade and Mario & Sonic at the Rio Olympics.

However that isn’t all. At the AAMA Gala, I heard that Sega is actually bringing back one of their beloved franchises, Daytona USA, but I’ve had next to no information beyond the title of the game which was labelled Daytona Reloaded. From that we can only make assumptions but it isn’t a lot to go off of.  According to the press release, Sega will officially announce : “… a showstopper video game, to be officially announced next week.” I believe that this is that game but we’ll have to wait and see. Naturally, we’ll have all the information on it that we can as soon as it is announced!


  1. arcades4ever October 27, 2016 at 1:33 pm - Reply

    I wonder if target bravo operation ghost is an update rather than a sequal? They did the same thing with ghost squad by releasing ghost squad evolution 3 years later. I would rather it be a direct sequel thought to operation ghost but then if it’s saying brand new then maybe it is.
    As for Daytona USA they release sega racing classic which is 7 years ago now so maybe it’s a game that’s not had a sequal for years. The house of the dead 5 anyone? Lol or maybe even virtual cop 4.

  2. WMFCIkaruga October 27, 2016 at 3:01 pm - Reply

    Awww…I was really hoping for House of the Dead 5..

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