World’s Largest Pac-Man Adds Galaga With New Update

arcadehero February 4, 2017 0
World’s Largest Pac-Man Adds Galaga With New Update

Instead of a Newsbytes today, I’m just going to get to one piece of news really quick as time is up. So Newsbytes will be on Monday again. Hectic, hectic, hectic!

New Update Adds Galaga To World’s Largest Pac-Man

When it was first shown at IAAPA 2015, The World’s Largest Pac-Man was incomplete but it did feature two games – Pac-Man and Galaga. At the time the game was titled “World’s Largest Pac-Man & Friends”, which you can see in this video here:

Upon release, that changed with Galaga being pulled and Pac-Man with a unique co-op mode added. There was discussion that Galaga would return but it had eluded us until EAG 2017, when once again the game was seen to feature the beloved Galaga.

Now operators with World’s Largest Pac-Man games can get the update for free (contact your distributor for details). If you want to call it the World’s Largest Galaga, that will work too!


In the email that Namco sent out to promote this link, they also provided a detailed changelog.

  • Full Galaga Support added
  • Test Menu feature to run game as Galaga Only, Pac-Man Only, or BOTH.
  • Ticket Redemption and E Ticket Support for Galaga
  • Improved E Ticket Mode for Galaga and Pac-Man (Bug Fixes, Improved Flow, etc)
  • Several SFX changes and improvements
  • Expanded and improved audits section
  • Improved UI look and flow for new game select screen
  • Timer for pick game screen and high score tables slightly reduced to improve cycle times
  • Galaga logo added to attract UI elements if game is running as “Galaga Only”
  • Fixed some leaderboard/high score issues that were present in V1.25
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Galaga logo to appear in leaderboards when only Pac-Man was being run

For the most part, this is just to cover the addition of Galaga but it is always nice to have some bug fixes on top of that. I find it interesting that one can run it as Galaga only – while I imagine you would want to run both, there might be special events where it can be worth limiting it.

What are your thoughts about this update?

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