New Arcades: Strike 10 Bowling (FL); Funky Munky (UT); Tamba Gaming Arcade (UK); Vertigo Arcade (UK); Round1USA (GA)

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New Arcades: Strike 10 Bowling (FL); Funky Munky (UT); Tamba Gaming Arcade (UK); Vertigo Arcade (UK); Round1USA (GA)

Time to take a look at another round of new arcade locations that are opening out there, showing once again how arcades are still alive and thrive out in the Western world. In a way, this is a follow-up to the recent post Why Arcades Aren’t Dead In The United States but with the news today we can extend that to the UK as well. For those still contending the opposite, why is anyone making such large investments into such a business if there is no market for it?

UPDATE: New Dave & Busters added below

Play Expo Leeds Taking Place On April 16th

Before we get to the locations, lets mention an upcoming gaming expo that will feature arcade gaming on the premises. Billed as the “ultimate gaming celebration”, Play Expo Leeds will offer everything that a gamer could want for a day – arcades, pinball, PC LAN gaming, game consoles, VR, and more. Check out more at the official website.

Strike 10 Bowling Adds An Arcade To Their Facility – Hallendale, FL

Just North of Miami in Hallendale, a bowling center by the name of Strike 10 has just added an arcade to their list of attractions. With a strong focus on redemption, they feature many of the latest titles from that genre of games to enjoy. You can visit their website here; here are a few pictures that they sent along:

Funky Munky Arcade – Cedar City, UT

This is actually something that did not open recently – say within the past few months – they opened last year at the end of May 2016. I don’t mind covering locations that we missed in the past as they still deserve attention. They have a focus on 90s style gaming “with 90s pricing”. They also have a much larger collection of games than is out on the game floor, which allows them to switch games out depending on the situation. For arcade games that they have available, you can expect to find: Cruis’n Exotica (4x), Hydro Thunder, Jambo Safari (2x), Lucky & Wild, Primal Rage, Sega Super GT, Star Trek Voyager, The House of the Dead II, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Time Crisis II, Time Crisis 4 and many more with over 50 games on the floor. They also have a significant redemption setup and host many birthday parties. They are looking into adding a mini golf section so it sounds like they are doing well. You can check them out on Facebook here.

Funky Munky Arcade

Tamba Gaming Arcade Opens in St. Helier, Jersey, UK

Thanks to Kieran M. for the tip! Hopping back over to the UK, we have a couple of venues worth checking out. First is Tamba Gaming Arcade, found in the city of St. Helier (part of the Channel Islands off the French coast). Tamba features an arcade stocked with some of the latest titles including:Aliens Armageddon, Jurassic Park, Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, Mario & Sonic Olympics Arcade, MotoGP, OutRun 2 SP SDX, Sega Rally 3 Deluxe, Super Bikes 2, Star Wars Battle Pod Flat Screen (2x), Time Crisis 5, Transformers: Human Alliance DLX and more, including several videmption games. Check out their website here.

Tamba Arcade

Vertigo Arcade Opens In London, UK

Toby who sent us the link (thanks!). He states that this is likely what used to be known as “5D World” at the Trocadero in London. Featuring various attractions including laser tag, a retro room, a 5D attraction and VR, they also have an arcade with both classic and modern games to enjoy. I don’t see a list of titles for them but by the photos, they do have recent ones like Deadstorm Pirates, Super Bikes 2, Terminator Salvation and Time Crisis 3. Check them out here.

Up-Down Arcade Coming To St. Louis, MO

The last time we heard about the Up-Down Arcade, they were opening a location in Minnesota, after having opened one in Kansas City, MO. The multi-state brand is continuing to expand their reach, next up is St. Louis. As with their other locations, expect a retro arcade meets a bar kind of flare. More details to be found at

Round1USA Grand Opening For Stonecrest Mall In Lithonia, GA

We mentioned this in the last arcade location thread but the grand opening for R1USA’s latest location is happening on Friday:

UPDATE: Dave & Busters Opens in Overland Park, KS – Just caught this after I posted, D&B even did a video for it, which doesn’t happen for every location:

As always, if you find yourself near any of these locations, stop by and give them your support!

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    Hey Adam, hopefully Vertigo will get back to me with a list of games! Always good to see a new arcade pop up over here.

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