Arcade Parts & Game Boards Go Up For Auction in Michigan

arcadehero March 27, 2017 0
Arcade Parts & Game Boards Go Up For Auction in Michigan

It has been a while since we have mentioned an auction of arcade games and/or parts. While arcade games individually or as lots pop up every now and then, it isn’t all the time where you have an arcade operator or distributor putting everything up for auction.

Over in Warren, Michigan, a distributor/operator known as Alpha Amusements has been sold to another company by the name of Pascaretti Enterprises Inc. They will continue to offer game sales and rentals in the region from what it states on their front page but in the mean time, part of the purchase did not include the property & building where Alpha was operating out of. With that comes an opportunity for other operators to get their hands on some office equipment and/or arcade game parts through this auction on The auction opened today and closes on April 12th.

With 700 lots being listed, it isn’t until page 6 where you get to some of the arcade boards which includes: Boot Camp, Centipede, Crackin DJ, Cruis’n Exotica, Gunblade, I, Robot (!), Lethal Enforcers, Marble Madness, Mr. Do’s Castle, NAOMI boards, Nintendo VS. boards, Ocean Hunter, Out Run, Planet Harriers, Primal Rage,  Road Runner, Rush the Rock, Sega Rally, Sega STV boards & carts including Die Hard Arcade, Silent Scope, Soul Calibur 2, Space Lords, Star Trek Voyager, TX-1, Tekken (different versions), The Simpsons, Time Crisis 3, Wizard of Wor and many more. They have quite an interesting selection of Atari and Sega titles, stuff you don’t see very often. There are some full-sized games in there too but not many to look at then there are plenty of arcade parts for other games which might end up useful.

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