Newsbytes: Dialed In Pinball; WARS DDR Tournament; Arkanoid Vs. Space Invaders + More

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Newsbytes: Dialed In Pinball; WARS DDR Tournament; Arkanoid Vs. Space Invaders + More

Welcome to this week’s Newbytes, our weekly/bi-weekly collection of headline arcade news. Let’s start this week with some Tekken/Liam Neeson comedy:

Dialed In Production

Jersey Jack Pinball has unveiled through their social media channels that their 3rd title, Dialed In! Pinball is in full production. That means units should begin shipping out any time with those who placed pre-orders early on getting them first. There also appears to be a few changes from the version I played at IAAPA, namely the “Station 3” piece seen in the upper center of this picture below.

Japanese DDR Tournaments From An American Perspective

How do cultural differences between the United States and Japan play into each otherwhen it comes to DDR tournaments? Well this article at gets into exactly that. I also imagine that such an article could be written about the differences in tournaments between USA vs. Latin America (although PIU is a bigger entity there) or Europe vs. Japan.

The Arena – The Full story

A few weeks ago we posted about a never-released arcade title from Gottlieb, makers of arcade classics like Q*Bert and Reactor. The game was called The Arena and it currently has a home at the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL. Info on the game was kept under wraps for a while as a film crew wanted to release information about it first but with that out of the way, Doc Mack of Galloping Ghost posted this “Story of Arena” to Youtube. Enjoy:

Square Enix Announces Arkanoid Vs. Space Invaders

My gut reaction to this…”meh”. Not because two legendary arcade products are getting a mash-up (ala Puyo Puyo Tetris) but more because of the mobile platform. I’m not fan of touchscreen gaming for such things although I suppose sliding the Arkanoid barrier along the screen is easy enough and it’s not another endless runner like the upcoming Spider-Man videmption game will be. It’s just that it is probably too easy as part of the challenge in the original with a knob is from not under/over-doing it, making the right judgement as to the positioning as the ball flies around the screen.

Of course, Taito/SE can always placate us hardcores by porting this to the arcade and giving it proper controls 😛 We did get a new Space Invaders and a new Breakout to arcades recently – I’m sure Arkanoid is just a matter of time

Design-A-Hole Winner For Golden Tee 2018 Announced

With another year, that means another Golden Tee arcade game is in the works. For the past several years, Incredible Technologies has been running a “Design-A-Hole” contest where fans make their own golf hole and submit it to IT for a chance to have it turned into a GT course. The winning design for this year has been announced, created by Dave Rhodes

Overtake DX

Chinese-based Wahlap has been promoting a new version of IGS’s Overtake, a deluxe motion version with a bigger screen and motion seat. I’m not sure that a 10 second video is really going to capture sales though….

Atari’s “Revenge” On Nintendo

Once upon a time, arcade & home game makers Atari and Nintendo were rivals, although it never quite hit the fever pitch of the Sega/Nintendo rivalry. Here the sketch comedy show Studio C has some fun with that as they explain how Super Mario Bros. really came about

(Yes, much about this is historically inaccurate but that’s part of the fun)

Arcade-To-Console Port Of The Week – Time Pilot (Atari 8-bit computers) – Speaking of Atari, here’s a new port of Konami’s Time Pilot to the Atari 8-bit computer line. The game was ported to the Atari 2600 back-in-the-day (that’s actually the first version of the game that I played) but it did miss a few platforms at the time.

That’s all for now, have a great weekend!

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