New Videmption Game Ice Man Spotted In The Wild

arcadehero July 19, 2017 5
New Videmption Game Ice Man Spotted In The Wild

A couple of months ago, I was browsing the website for Coastal Amusements when I came across a listing for a sit-down videmption game called Ice Man. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of information about the game to be found apart from a couple of sentences and a small picture so I figured it would be best to wait.

Last week, Replay Magazine’s e-mail newsletter featured a story about Ice Man shipping and already earning on location. I didn’t exactly expect to come across it so soon but as chance had it, I found one while out with the family last night at a local bowling alley. That venue has an arcade area featuring an up-to-date roster (The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park Motion, and Crazy Tower at the entrance); in the back near the Space Invaders Frenzy machine was the Ice Man. I grabbed a quick video of it being played, sharing here:

As for the game itself, it is very similar to Sega’s Plants Vs. Zombies: The Last Stand. Instead of shooting pirate zombies with peas, you are freezing them with your water jets and collecting hordes of coins in the process. At the end of each round, you are graded on your performance. This is one where the hardware is certainly working to make up for the poor frame rate (which is common for Chinese developed games like this but still odd to me given that the graphics are not pushing boundaries by any modern standard and decent PC hardware is pretty cheap). As you can see from the video, it is a very colorful game that uses a lot of multi-color LEDs to an attractive effect; but the most interesting feature is the playfield between the screen and the guns.

This has a field of fake green grass where on occasion a fine water mist spray rises into the air. This creates a fake smoke effect that is cool to watch, regardless of the game itself. One issue I did notice though is that the game did seem to complain that the “water level is too low, call an attendant” soon after this effect started. The kids kept playing but they did seem slightly confused as the game would tell them to do something about it. Whether or not operators have to keep an eye on the water level on a daily or weekly basis is something that is unknown to me (would be pertinent info for the Coastal website to mention). But it is something to keep in mind if you do pick up the game so that it can produce the effect without bothering players all of the time.

If you have played this already, what did you think about it?


  1. Aaron July 19, 2017 at 8:55 am - Reply

    I have spotted three Iceman machines on the Isle of Wight. One in Sandown Pier, one in Shanklin and one at Peter Pans Funfair in Ryde. I have found it quite an interesting concept with the water mist firing out.

    • arcadehero July 20, 2017 at 7:27 am - Reply

      The manufacturer must have really good sales people in their distribution network to get so many of these out there without there being much of a marketing push. Now if manufacturers would bother to train those distributors about it all 😛

  2. Ralph July 20, 2017 at 5:34 am - Reply

    Stay away from water games! We will (almost) never buy any water game in our company. You change the water and literally the next day you will find trash/food polluting the water. You need to use filtered drinking water that the game buyer forgets about in the expense. I have 3 water games-Ducky Splash, 6 player Water Blast, and a Stinky Feet. ALL have problems.
    We used to run across the street to get 20 gallons of filtered drinking water ($1 a gallon) minimum a week to top off and change the water. I had a Culligan reverse osmosis system with 9 gallons of already filtered reserve tanks of water a day. Costs about $20 a month.
    Kids break off the gun mounts if they don’t rust first (both happened to all of my games.although, someone recently ripped the gun off my Transformer, so it happens to all games). I’m having trouble getting parts for my Stinky Feet right now (have half the parts to fix), Expensive, cheaply built parts I have to reinforce-Ducky Splash dino body base is SUPER THIN where it mounts to the base I reinforce with epoxy/JB Weld so it lasts for about a year instead of a couple months.I am pleading with my boss to get rid of these turds and get some real games.
    These water games come with subpar filtration systems that clog easily or hard to clean. I could write a book on water games problems alone.
    end of rant…..

    • arcadehero July 20, 2017 at 7:29 am - Reply

      Thanks for the feedback Ralph. I’ve never purchased a water game as I had a feeling about them being nightmares to operate but you rarely hear about 1st hand experiences with them. It does sound like you have very rough customers…of the few mounted gun games I’ve been fortunate to not have a gun ripped off yet (knock on wood) although for the free guns, we get those dropped hard on the floor every day.

  3. Bill July 21, 2017 at 5:40 am - Reply

    I have to agree with Ralph. We have already disposed of all our water games. They were nothing but a P.I.T.A. So glad they are off route. Especially loved that BSR water game where the nozzle would clog up with crap every 3 days.

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