Newsbytes: System16 Update; Dialed In! CE; Stern Pinball Setup; World’s Fastest Drummer Vegas + More

arcadehero September 2, 2017 0
Newsbytes: System16 Update; Dialed In! CE; Stern Pinball Setup; World’s Fastest Drummer Vegas + More

It’s Labor Day Weekend for US readers, which often means that people are out and about getting their last vacation in before the Summer is over. If that is the case for you, hopefully you’re able to drop by an arcade! Here’s some news in the meantime.

Even Libraries End Up With Coins That Shouldn’t Be There – For anyone who has worked at an arcade that operates on tokens, you always end up finding outside coins 😛 Updates

I’ve long been a fan of the arcade info website but it hasn’t enjoyed much in the way of updates over the past couple of years. I get why that is, real life has a way of making hobbies fall to the wayside. But Toby is back at it with some new updates to not only the look of the game entries but also the information. He has started with Atari and is working his way down the list…I look forward to seeing more 🙂

Dialed In! Collectors Edition Production In Full Swing

If you are a part of the Dialed In! CE pre-order group, then this is great news as Jersey Jack posted this update on production for the game:

How To Setup A Stern Pinball Machine

While setting up pinball machines isn’t really a technical challenge (it’s more a matter of muscle), Stern Pinball has created this how-to video showing how the process should be done. Makes sense that they would do such outreach given a large number of their buyers are home users as opposed to commercial sites.

Ghostbusters Pinball Movie Lines

Speaking of Stern Pinball, I spent a bit of time recording the movie lines that are said by the Stern Ghostbusters pinball machine during the attract mode this week. It takes a while since you have to push one of the flipper buttons for it to start the byte but it doesn’t keep doing it, making you wait a minute or so after a few have played. As it is, I was unable to get all of the lines but here are 7 1/2 minutes:

Also in site news, I did make a new T-Shirt/cup/sticker/poster design so check that out if you’re inclined 😀

World’s Fastest Drummer Now Available In Las Vegas

Last week the creator of the World’s Fastest Drummer, Boo McAfee reached out to me and let us know that the new World’s Fastest Drummer game has a home in Las Vegas. In case you missed the news on that one, it was released this Summer by Unit-E Technologies. The unit pictured below can be found at the South Point Hotel Casino as a part of their arcade. I haven’t heard of any other installations of the game so far but it hasn’t been out for very long either.

World's Fastest Drummer in Las VegasTiny OutRun Dashboard

If something is tiny, it’s automatically ‘cute’

Have a great weekend!

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