Open For Business: Another Castle: Arcade Edition (WA); Xplore Kids (NY); GameTime #4 (FL) & More

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Open For Business: Another Castle: Arcade Edition (WA); Xplore Kids (NY); GameTime #4 (FL) & More

Time for another look at new arcade locations to open their doors out there – or who soon will.

Another Castle:Arcade Edition Expands To Another Location (Marysville, WA)

(Thanks to Logan N. for sending this my way)

A new bar/arcade has opened their doors in Marysville, WA, a city located North of the Seattle area. Their grand opening was back on March 17th, which I missed in the last location post. They have a focus on selling games for home consoles but have been adding the arcade/bar concept to locations like this one. Their video game selection isn’thuge but it does appear to span the decades – A Frogger & a PlayChoice-10 from the 80s, Area 51, Neo Geo MVS and Rush 2049 from the 90s and a Big Buck World from the 10s. Their main focus appears to have gone to the the pinball machines, with them grabbing various titles from recent times including: Aliens(I was informed that while in the photo below, the game was pulled due to a major fault and replaced with a Total Nuclear Annihilation for the moment), Attack From Mars Remake, Ghostbusters, Houdini, Medieval Madness Remake, Spider-Man Vault Edition, Wizard Of Oz, and a couple of others that I can’t make out from the photo (looks like The Hobbit, Dialed In and a couple of Sterns, one from the red dot matrix days and one of the new LCD tables). The opening was mentioned on this Facebook post

Xplore Kids Family Fun Center (North Shore, NY)

Parents looking for something to take their kids to in the North Shore area of New York state can now look to this new FEC that also recently opened their doors. They have a large soft playground, inflatables and around 35 modern arcade machines. That includes titles such as: Ghostbusters Arcade, Lane Master, Pop The Lock, Rabbids Hollywood, Super Bikes 2, Transformers Human Alliance and more. Check them out here.

4th GameTime Location Opening First Week Of May (Ocoee, FL)

A new FEC that is part of the GameTime chain is prepping for their Grand Opening on May 4th-6th in Ocoee, FL. They already are open as a ‘soft’ opening but will be holding that grand celebration for the official roll-out.Fortunately they have a full games list here, which includes games like: After Dark, Cruis’n Blast, Daytona Championship USA, Deadstorm Pirates SE, Dialed In! pinball, Dream Raiders, Jurassic Park Arcade, Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, Medieval Madness remake, Super Alpine Racer, Target Bravo Operation GHOST and many more.  Visit the location webpage here.

Dave & Busters For Madison, WI

For another state capital where you can find a Dave & Busters, they have just opened the location in Madison:

Wonderland Arcade Faces An Uncertain Future

This isn’t a location opening but after a fire destroyed a nearby business, an arcade in Regina, (Saskatchewan, Canada) by the name of Wonderland Arcade is facing the possibility of losing their equipment and thus the business. The games were spared from the flames but not from the water that was used to put the fire out. Here’s hoping that they can salvage it all and pull through.

Playdium Replacing Odeon Theater (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

This bit of news won’t really be relevant until mid-2019 but if you’re anywhere near Brampton, Ontario, then know that Cineplex is planning on replacing the old Odeon Theater with a brand new FEC complex.

Also of note, I know of a new arcade coming soon to the Santa Clara/San Jose/SF area (Ghirardelli Square…not 100% sure where it is exactly at the moment) in California but they are still working on it…getting close. Probably will be on the next location post 😉

That’s all I could gather for now – if you find yourself anywhere near these locations, pay more than lip service, drop in and buy a coin or card and play!

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