GridSnaps PodCast #31 – Discussing TMNT, Exa-Arcadia And A New Arcade Almanac

arcadehero July 5, 2018 0
GridSnaps PodCast #31 – Discussing TMNT, Exa-Arcadia And A New Arcade Almanac

Things have been a little slow on AH lately – in part due to the standard Summertime lull in news but also where I have been very busy in writing up a new work about arcades. As opposed to The Arcade Experience, this one is very media heavy, with backgrounds on each page, screenshots and so on. This has eaten up a lot of the little free time that I have between operating an arcade, working a 2nd contractual job, writing articles for both Replay Magazine and Old School Gamer Magazine and raising a family but I am finally in the “home stretch” and hope to have the book out by the end of this month. Then I get to pick up the next free time eating project that I put on hiatus so I could get this one done (which I really was working on in earnest and is quite exciting but it’s not book nor a video 😉 )

But rather than spend all of this post writing about something that I have already talked about in detail, here is the latest GridSnaps podcast that gets into it. If you are new to this podcast, it is helmed by Rob Howard and Kip Carbone, two professional game designers who discuss a wide range of topics within the realm of video game creation and design. I’ve been on the podcast before and this time we discuss some of the latest news items of arcade interest, be it the new TMNT, the upcoming Exa-Arcadia board and California Extreme. If the tweet below doesn’t work, you can click here to give it a listen.

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