Location Watch: Miniboss, The Paradox Arcade+Bar; Bowlero (CA); Pixels & Pints (CAN) & More

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Location Watch: Miniboss, The Paradox Arcade+Bar; Bowlero (CA); Pixels & Pints (CAN) & More

Today’s Location Watch post is strongly focused on new locations in California, but we have a couple of others to talk about. Let’s get into it:

Miniboss (San Jose, CA)

Thanks to Michael L. for the tip/info/pics on this location, as well as tips on the next two entries.

We’ll start with this new bar/arcade that has opened up in Silicon Valley, and just so happens to be within walking distance of the FoxNext game development studio in San Jose. It is mainly focused on classics, the games list covers 32 video games and 8 pins, including: AC/DC (premium); Area 51/ Max Force combo; Attack from Mars LE (remake); Deadpool (premium); Donkey Kong; House of Dead 2; Initial D 4 (2x linked cabinets); Killer Queen; Medieval Madness (remake); Ms. Pac-Man; NARC; NBA Jam; Neo Geo 4 slot (Metal Slug 5, Bust-A-Move, Super Side Kicks The Next Glory, Samurai Shodown III); Star Wars (Stern); Punch Out; Raiden II; Street Fighter II: CE; Sunset Riders;  Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time; Terminator 2: Judgement Day; The Simpsons; Theatre of Magic; TRON (video game); Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3; Whitewater; X-men vs Street Fighter. Here’s a slide show of pics from the location; you can find them online, here.

The Paradox Arcade+Bar (Pomona, CA)

Also in bar/arcade growth is The Paradox Arcade+Bar in Pomona. This sounds somewhat similar to Miniboss above, where they offer a little over a couple of dozen classics in one location, although they also have some classic consoles setup to play (the PSX and N64 and an unspecified Atari console, probably the 2600). For some of the games you can expect to find there: Asteroids Deluxe; Attack From Mars pinball; Galaga; Magic Sword; Space Invaders; The Addams Family pinball; The Champion Pub pinball; The House of the Dead; The Simpsons and several more. You can see more of it from this cool promo video; their main website is here.

Bowlero (Pasadena, CA)

Opening their 16th Bowlero in California, the Pasedena location is now open, although we don't have quite as much info on the game selection as we do on the previous locations. From this story at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, visitors can "enjoy popular titles like Jurassic Park Arcade, Mario Kart [Arcade GP DX], World's Largest Pac-Man, classic pinball machines, and many more. Load up your arcade card with credits, grab the controls, and have a blast!" Overall, sounds like a modern FEC that has pinball.

Pixels And Pints Game Lounge [Toronto, Canada]

Moving on from California is a bar/arcade up North in Toronto by the name of Pixels And Pints. From this article at Blogto, it sounds like a smaller, Canadian version of The Paradox Arcade+Bar (I don't think that poutine is on The Paradox's menu :P). They've got an N64 setup to play, but plenty of retro arcade goodness including: Big Buck Hunter (the original from the early 00's); a pair of Cruis'n USA's; Mortal Kombat; Operation Wolf; Smash TV; Starship 1; Street Fighter II CE; Super Monaco GP; The House of the Dead; and a few others. Find them on Facebook here.


Texas Gamers Lounge Austin Coming To Austin, TX

I came across this one on Facebook, a retro-focused arcade that is "opening soon." It sounds like the standard retrocade model of charging a fee to enter, then everything is on free play; they'll have unlimited "classic, retro, & modern gaming" along with tournaments, streaming and parties. I don't see a games list at this point, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Emporium Arcade Bar Opening Soon in Oakland, CA

You might recall a story about a bar/arcade opening in San Francisco some time ago by the name of Emporium; they had to go through a long, tedious process to open, but finally did in September 2017.  Now they are in the process of opening another location in Oakland, which is "attached to Oakland's Fox Theater." There is an Instagram account setup for them here, where you can see some pics of the games that will be on hand, including Burgertime, Galaga, Ice Cold Beer, Joust, Killer Queen Arcade, Metallica pinball, Robotron 2084, Skeeball, Spider-man pinball; WWF WrestleMania and more.

Round 1 USA Opens In Greendale, WI

Dave & Busters Opens In Louisville, KY

That's all for this time - if you find yourself near any one of these locations, be sure to go and support them! If you know of an arcade that has opened recently that we haven't covered, or is opening soon, be sure to let us know so we can highlight it.


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  1. JBRPG February 9, 2019 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    I am happy that Arcades are appearing more in the Bay Area within San Francisco and Santa Clara counties. Not only would they fill in demand for existing classic arcade games, there will always be room for actually new content to come across small and medium-sized arcade places throughout the years to come.

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