Sega To Begin Testing Daytona Championship USA Motion SDLX In Chicago

arcadehero February 11, 2019 0
Sega To Begin Testing Daytona Championship USA Motion SDLX In Chicago

While scouring the web for new arcade location news, I came across a very interesting line in this article at the Chicago Eater regarding the opening of a new FEC in the Chicago area by the name of Lucky Strike Social. They are opening their doors between now and the end of the month, and will offer a massive 30k sq. ft. venue. But as a part of their 100+game arcade, they’ll have a prototype of the game mentioned in the headline. Here’s the screencap for posterity in the event that something suddenly gets edited out 😉

Yep, that’s right – Sega’s next “Super Deluxe” racer is going to be Daytona Championship USA. This wouldn’t mark the first time that such a model has been released to the market – you can also find such editions for Out Run 2, HUMMER and Showdown. Here’s a gif of the first time we saw the Showdown SDLX model (the prototypes at IAAPA used ultra-wide curved screens, which were replaced with big flat screens for the release version)

Now as of this moment, there is no comment from Sega about this, and that line is devoid of details other than the name. That said, “a rare chance to play an exclusive machine” sounds like a location test. Such an opportunity is rare, as most of the time new locations open up with the latest equipment, but not prototype games.

As for how this will use motion, we can only guess. I imagine it could be similar in nature to Showdown SDLX, which had a swivel seat and quite the force feedback system in place. Fans will also recall that the deluxe version of Daytona USA 2 had a “crash impact generator” that made for a realistic feedback system; perhaps something similar will be used.

We’re also still hoping to find out more about the upcoming software update, the New Season Edition, although this particular model will have to have some unique properties depending upon the hardware configuration.

What do you hope for out of this new version?

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