Taking A Closer Look: IGS & UNIS’ Ultra Moto VR

arcadehero September 16, 2019 0

As we tip-toe closer to November and the IAAPA 2019 trade show, we’re starting to get more details on games that will be popping up in arcades in 2020. Today, we’re going to look at one of those titles, something that was revealed earlier this year by the name of Ultra Moto VR.

In case you missed the initial news, here is the trailer for the game that was released a short while ago. IGS developed the software, while Universal Space (UNIS) is taking care of manufacturing & distribution worldwide.

That trailer does cover various important aspects of the game, including the use of VR, a motion platform, “dynamic events” which are big over-the-top situations you’ll have to drive through, the drifting, slipstream & stunt mechanics. It also touches on having 24 tracks to choose from (pretty sizable compared to most racers on the market right now), 24 bike customizations, and the part upgrade system.

Today, we’ve got more to add to that roster of features thanks to UNIS. They sent me this PDF that highlights the different aspects of the game, as well as a separate PR document today that filled in more details. To compile the pertinent details all into one list:

  • The game is playable without the VR headset in case the player doesn’t want to use it. Instead, they can just watch the action on the 43″ screen.
  • There is an air blower, something that has become a standard feature on games like this (I’m not complaining, it’s one of those things that arcades do that consoles don’t)
  • There’s a bass vibration speaker in front of the bike (also something that’s become a standard)
  • It will be sold as a twin set and operators can link a pair of twins for a total of four riders being able to race head-to-head.
  • This isn’t mentioned on the PDF, but it’s worth noting that this game is exclusive to arcades.

Beyond that, I checked with UNIS to get more information to share with you. This game will be at IAAPA 2019 as a part of their extensive new line-up of games; the game will be available end of October to early November and will debut at IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris this week. It will be joined by Crazy Ride and many other titles, so anyone headed to that trade show will certainly stay busy.

The VR headset is not something that I had heard about prior to writing this article, but thanks to Kevin Williams I know what it is. They are using the 3Glasses Blubur S2. Now I have no experience with that headset, but this page says that it has a 90 degree Field-Of-View, 90Hz refresh rate, less than 6ms response time and is light-weight. Kevin said that they are comparable to the Oculus Rift system. Here’s a shot of the headset as seen on UMVR:

Again, using the VR headset is optional, which is a rare feature…pretty much every VR arcade machine I’ve come across so far has required the use of the set to play. By looking carefully at the image above, you can see the cradle that the set sits inside of when not in use, which looks to hold it in place despite the cabinet’s movement (of course, that will always depend on how the users handle it, but I digress). We’ll have to see it in person to get a better idea about durability.

If we get any more major details, we’ll update this post. What do you think about it from the information shown so far?

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