Big Buck Reloaded Update Kits Shipping Out Feb. 24th

arcadehero February 3, 2020 1
Big Buck Reloaded Update Kits Shipping Out Feb. 24th

Welcome to a new month of the year, and with that, news on one of the next releases for the arcade business. While Raw Thrills had originally suggested that their massive update to Big Buck Hunter would launch in January, that has been pushed back slightly to the end of this month, beginning of next, as they sent out an e-mail blast today to tout the upcoming release of Big Buck Reloaded.

Per the e-mail (picture shown below), the company will ship out “packages containing upgrade kits” beginning on February 24th. You will need to have your machine online through the CoinUp network to take advantage of it (this is likely how RT will track who is eligible for a kit). I’ve reached out to RT for a comment on what the kit will include and will update here; I assume it will be similar to what they offered with Big Buck Wild, sending along a new marquee so that it was clear that the game was upgraded from Big Buck HD. Do note that this ONLY applies to commercial use, online-enabled Big Buck machines, but I imagine they’ll have some kind of upgrade available for Offline models.

Big Buck Reloaded pre-launch promoBig Buck Reloaded is the latest and major entry in the Big Buck Hunter series that got started back in 2000. I had a chance to play it at IAAPA 2019 and it’s a great, content packed update that should keep virtual hunters out there satisfied:

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