Blowing Off Steam With These Re-imagined Arcade Art Pieces

arcadehero April 16, 2020 2
Blowing Off Steam With These Re-imagined Arcade Art Pieces

It’s time for another guest post, although I (Arcadehero) is doing a lot of the writing, while the guest, Gozer5454, has created the artwork. This was offered to us as some good fun, so I’d suggest taking it in the same spirit as our annual April Fools posts. Gozer5454 created the Firefly Arcade cabinet joke for the site back in April 2012, so hat tip to him on these new pieces.

The artwork here is all based on classic arcade titles, re-imagining them if they were perhaps made today. Please keep in mind that that this is all meant to be good fun & satire.

Pop Culture

Let’s start with the show that so hot right now. “Game ends when you find Carole’s husband and eat burgers with him in the White House”

No One:     

GEORGE LUCAS:  “I’ve always wanted to go back and add a few details to the original art.” 

Keeping Up With The…Cadashians?

Drug warning on this one…“I am the darkness…”

Carbs? CARBS? We don’t need no stinkin’ carbs!

Did we miss anybody?

“Let’s face it. Both these drinks taste like water.”

Bro, Do you even test your might?

Relax, you’re in the hands of highly trained professional drivers… (this joke is almost spot on with a game introduced last year)

Interested? Chop right

Hoppin hashtags!


I’m sure you’re sick of hearing phrases that use the words “unprecedented” and “challenging,” so those are not going to be in these ones. Here are some re-imagined games that if they were released right now, might have a slightly different theme to them:

No joke here, just thanks for giving us extra lives:

This whole pandemic has certainly felt as relentless as The Centipede…perhaps a ROM hack is in order?

Buy 10 packs of toilet paper and get a water bottle for FREE!

Cleaning the streets in a socially distanced way


Whew! Well, that’s all for now…there were some additional pieces that were leaning more towards the political side, although after showing some of them off in a Discord chat, users felt that I’d be treading into a minefield since divisions can get pretty intense, and we like to keep things neutral on that front. If you really want to see those, I can always post them in the comments. Either way, thanks again to Gozer5454 and I hope that you had a laugh!


  1. Da Flex April 17, 2020 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    I feel like in a Ninja movie. It’s scary and romantic at the same time, so it actually entertains me a bit. 😛

  2. Voltz April 18, 2020 at 11:31 pm - Reply

    Double Dragon got me laughing pretty good.

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