Newsbytes: Stern Runs Avengers Contest; Hypernoid For MVS; & More

arcadehero March 6, 2021 0
Newsbytes: Stern Runs Avengers Contest; Hypernoid For MVS; & More

It’s been such an unusually busy week for arcade news that today’s Newsbytes is a wee bit sparse. Either way, here are some quick items to read & watch for the weekend.

Stern Launches The Heads-Up Pinball Invitational For Avengers: Infinity Quest

Which of these 8 players will win a Stern Pinball machine? I’m not sure why only people from Illinois were invited, but you can tune in on March 12th to find out who wins regardless:

Coming Soon To Your Neo Geo MVS – Hypernoid

H/T to Simon Carless for this. I’m always a fan of homebrew games for ancient, no-longer-supported hardware, although for the most part, we don’t get many of these kinds of games in the arcade space. The one spot that differs is with the Neo Geo MVS, which gets some extra support from the existence of the AES home console. If you are a fan of Breakout-style games, then this should be up your alley – it employs some interesting ideas about how the bricks work and it comes with an Alien Crush aesthetic. I wouldn’t mind seeing this make the jump to the exA either. I haven’t found a release date for this one yet, but looking at the videos on the channel, sounds like it is very close to finished.

Retro Raccoons Inches Closer To A Release

Hopefully, we’ll have a full announcement by the end of this month on this indie game shipping out. Until then, here’s a new trailer:

How Pokémon GO Is Helping Small Businesses

It’s good to see that Boss Battle Games was able to become a Pokémon Gym, anything that can give businesses a boost these days is welcome!

New Trailer For ICE’s Game Time Pro

We’ve mentioned ICE’s Home Arcade division a few times, and they have a new video up this week to highlight their Game Time Pro game:

Cats ‘N Candy Cabs

Anyone who has purchased used machines for a while probably has found something odd or unexpected in the machine, although I can’t say I’ve ever heard of someone finding some kittens in their machines…

Gimmick Update

It’s still going to be a few months until the next tradeshow, so what I expect to do in terms of videos isn’t much. Fortunately, the exA has had some things to continue sharing, such as a new update for Gimmick! Exact Mix. The new attract mode is pretty much the same, but they added some subtle changes to it. As for what I’ve played of the game, it seems the same to me, but I also haven’t played too far (and I never got past level 3 before the update came along).

As mentioned, this Newsbytes was brief; Let’s end with that one game that always keeps you from having a collection in perfect operation (Via ACWW):

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