Raw Thrills Debuts The Official Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Trailer

arcadehero June 1, 2021 1
Raw Thrills Debuts The Official Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Trailer

May is past and June is upon us, which means that Spring is on it’s last legs and things are heating up for the summer. In anticipation of the summer season, Raw Thrills is deep into production for their next release, Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, and as a part of the ramp of the hype, they’ve debuted this trailer to showcase the title and it’s features:

This is the first direct capture gameplay we’ve seen of the game, although some videos have popped-up online showing how it plays off-screen thanks to the Dave & Busters early rollout.

Funny enough, it was earlier today that Betson gave me a call to provide an update on the cards – apparently they are in extremely high demand (not a surprise) so they suggested grabbing some extra boxes. The boxes come with 700 cards and are $150 each, although there was bulk pricing, it just wasn’t clear how many boxes come in a “crate.”

On the game shipping for everyone else, Betson was expecting an update next week, with hope that units would be shipping out near the end of the 2nd week of this month, but also likely units won’t arrive on location until the week of the 21st. It’s all dynamic in how it’s going to be, based on factors like availability, shipping time, demand, etc.

Either way, I do have one on order and expect to get it later this month where I’ll do the unboxing thing along with some direct captures. I may also be able to get some multiplayer capture-play, since my 3 kids are among those really excited to play this, and they’ll be there on arrival day. Until then, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for further updates!

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