Wahlap Selects Sega Amusements To Carry Jet Blaster In North America & Europe

arcadehero July 5, 2021 1

While I’m still working on the Amusement Expo 2021 wrap-up post (hope to be finished today), another piece of news just hit the wires to discuss and it involves Sega Amusements. While they did not have any new pieces at the show, they were there looking to do business again. The other day I mentioned that they posted some direct capture footage from Mission: Impossible Arcade, and now they’ve done it again with a game called Jet Blaster. But what is Jet Blaster? Let’s take a quick look.

We first heard about Jet Blaster a year ago in July when it appeared at an online expo called AEGAEE 2020. The only footage we had of it then was very low quality, but it was enough to know that a motion-based jet skiing racing game was on its way. Now the manufacturer Wahlap has selected Sega Amusements to carry the game in North America, although I haven’t been able to find out exactly when the game will ship at the moment (it’ll certainly be at the Sega booth this coming IAAPA). Here’s a couple of cabinet renders and more details:

Jet Blaster by Wahlap and Sega AmusementsFrom the description on Sega’s website:

Ride the wave on the ultimate water craft game from SEGA! Custom-developed air cylinder-based motion platform lets you experience the most realistic watercraft racing action. High-end graphics produces beautiful life-like sceneries that immerse you into the gameplay. Wind effects, heart-pounding soundtracks, and boost take you to blazing-fast speeds leaving your adrenaline pumping.

Jet Blaster casual gameplay is ideal for the whole family and the hard to master racecourses makes it perfect for the core gamers too. The stunning cabinet features a huge life-size jetski, lit from top to bottom Jet Blaster will get heads turning at your location. The unique footrest lighting feature creates the illusion of water under the game.

A few elements from this are similar to Sega’s ATV Slam, which also has a motion base, an air cylinder wind generator, 5 characters with stats and an upgrade system. As you can guess from one image above, the game supports up to 4 units linked. There are 7 total tracks from around the world (Egypt, Paris, Mekong, and Bali have been revealed so far), and it also has a nitrous boost, stunts, and a vehicle upgrade system to incentivize repeat play. These upgrades allow users to enhance elements such as speed, acceleration and handling.

Sega Amusements posted some quick direct captures of the game to their YouTube channel this morning, here are a couple. I’m trying to confirm when this is shipping and will update accordingly. I can also confirm that Asphalt 9 DX is shipping soon, although Wahlap hasn’t said if Sega or someone else will be carrying that game in the States.

Drifting and driving through gates are also part of the play.

I am looking into more on this one and will update as I can, but what do you think about Jet Blaster from the info so far? Glad to have jetskis back in the arcade? It has been a while.

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