Headed To The US: Asphalt 9 Legends DX Arcade via LAI Games; Skip Time via Amusement Source Intl.

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Headed To The US: Asphalt 9 Legends DX Arcade via LAI Games; Skip Time via Amusement Source Intl.

We’ve got some game news for you regarding two titles that were recently discussed on the blog, and have been seen on location test out there. Both are from China-based Wahlap, who has been quite busy with prepping new releases lately, including Jet Blaster, which is being distributed by Sega. For the two other games, they have found Western distribution via two different sources. Of course, the headline already spoiled who that is, but let’s delve into it anyways.

The initial info where I discovered this is from the latest issue of Replay Magazine, but I have gathered some additional data where I can.

Asphalt 9 Legends DX

An arcadified version of the widely popular home racing game, this one has been picked up by LAI Games for distribution in the West. LAI has a diverse game portfolio, that while heavy on redemption content, does have a few other video pieces such as Virtual Rabbids VR: The Big Ride and the light-gun piece Outnumbered. They haven’t done a racing title like this that I can recall(closest in their catalog are some kids’ videmption racers), so it will certainly be interesting to see how it goes.

While there isn’t new info on the game itself to share, Replay does mention that it will begin shipping “Q4 2021,” and quotes LAI as saying: “No other racing game on the market can compete.” Here’s the trailer that we posted a little while back:

Skip Time: Active Season Edition

Replay had an extensive spread on all the new arcade machines available from a variety of companies this month, and one of those was Amusement Source International. While they are not the only company that carries Wahlap products, that does make up a bulk of their titles. That includes the likes of Speed Driver 5, Overtake VR, and Monster Eye 2. This new one was recently seen on test at a Dave & Busters in San Diego, CA, where it has been performing extremely well (Cory at ASI mentioned a weekly average close to $700). There is also a unit currently installed at Sea World San Diego.

If you’re wondering what this game is exactly, since the name doesn’t make it very clear, It’s a foot-controlled piece with 12 different mini-games to enjoy. These are all fairly different by what little I’ve been able to find on this, from the obvious game of running on a track to the less obvious games of climbing a wall, scaling a tree, or playing a shoot ’em up. Two units can link together for multiplayer, and the game comes with a colorful foot sensor platform and safety bars on the side.

Here’s a video I coddled together using a low rez video on a Chinese video site and some brief footage that ASI sent my way:

Here’s the flyer that ASI sent me; To explain the “2nd generation” thing, the 1st edition of this game has been available in China for a while now, but I’m not aware of many showing up over here in the West. It is also listed on their website, where it mentions that it is primarily a videmption game, and it is available now. That said, the Replay article does mention that all of ASI’s equipment is “Shipping this month in limited quantities.” Given the continued component shortage that is happening out there, don’t be surprised if stock on everything – Wahlap or otherwise – is going to be strained well into 2022. If you’re with a distributor, you can also contact ASI about purchasing.

Skip Time arcade flyer

What do you think about these two games, from the info we have on them so far?

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