‘Furious’ By Raw Thrills Seen On Test At Dave & Busters Addison

arcadehero December 28, 2021 2
‘Furious’ By Raw Thrills Seen On Test At Dave & Busters Addison

[Thanks to Jdevy for the tip]

Note: This post discusses a game seen on location test, the arcade equivalent of a beta test. The game may change significantly from what you see here, or it may not even be released at all.

More good news to discuss today as we’ve got another new arcade game on test to look at! If you missed it, another Raw Thrills game was recently seen in this regard, a new version of Halo: Fireteam Raven.

When Raw Thrills got started back in 2004, they did so first with Target: Terror, but soon got to work on their second game, The Fast and The Furious (originally titled Hot Cars within the company, until someone had the idea to grab the FnF license). Styled after the Cruis’n series of games, it quickly became a staple of American arcade racing games and was popular enough to spawn some sequels, including the Super Bikes series. The last time that we had a game with the branding was FnF Super Cars, launched back in 2010/11; A few years after that, the company brought Cruis’n back with Cruis’n Blast.

Now, they are back to FnF, and are doing so in a big way, with a game that at the moment is just called Furious. Note that I did reach out to Raw Thrills for comment but they had none, so all we can do is go off of this pic.

Spotted at the Dave & Busters in Addison, IL, you can also see Sega’s new VRAgent there in the background. Since this isn’t pointed at the screen, we have no idea what the game itself looks like, but I would be quite surprised if it wasn’t using the same engine that RT used for Cruis’n – likely enhanced to take advantage of much newer PC hardware than what Cruis’n Blast would be using. It’s also safe to assume that whatever the game looks like, it’ll run at 60FPS, but could this be Raw Thrills’ first foray into 4K racing? I also wonder what the track selection will be like, how much it might come from Super Cars, or perhaps they’ve started from scratch.

Some other interesting things going on here: The size certainly stands out, but if you look in the lower right, you’ll notice a black skirt underneath the cabinet. This indicates that it is a motion based game. Because it’s Dave & Busters, their modus operandi in recent times has been to go for the biggest & baddest version of a game that they can get, so I do imagine that there is a non-motion version of this that will be available too. If so, that also might be testing out there, somewhere.

Going up from there, it appears to have a couple of giant tachometers, although no clue if these are dynamic (real tachometers or digital with LCD displays) or not; There is also an LED backlit piece on the dashboard. The seat portion re-uses the Cruis’n Blast seat without the canopy; A transparent LED-lit spoiler occupies that spot otherwise.

For other details, we’ll just have to wait and see, likely around EAG 2022 or AEI 2022 (if you’re new here, those are upcoming tradeshows that are happening in March) – unless other photos or video of the game pop-up out there. I’ve done some digging around but so far haven’t seen anything else – people who usually take these kinds of photos aren’t focused as much on the games as they are the people playing them, so that’s why we tend to get these kinds of shots 😉


  1. Noah Sties January 8, 2022 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    Any new findings in regard to this game?

    • arcadehero January 8, 2022 at 2:15 pm - Reply

      Nothing so far, but there’s a good chance I’ll see it at Amusement Expo in March!

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