Sega Launches Mission: Impossible Arcade DX in North America & Europe

arcadehero January 4, 2022 1

Let’s start of 2022 with a bang – we have our first game release of the year to report on, and some updates on a few other games.

As the headline mentions, Sega has begun shipping out their Deluxe model for Mission: Impossible Arcade to locations in North America and Europe. This is an arcade exclusive shooting game, where this model allows more locations to grab it than the Super Deluxe model. From what I was told by one distributor, the MSRP is somewhere in the range of $15-17k, but pricing will vary from distributor to distributor, so don’t hold me to that. 😛

Mission: Impossible Arcade Deluxe

The game debuted at IAAPA 2021, where I got to play it as you see here below. It’s virtually identical to the SDX version in terms of gameplay, although you do lose the 2v2 competitive aspect of it, which does certainly make the game more interesting.

I’ve also received some updates on other Sega titles that were shown off at IAAPA. These updates are reflected on our 2022 Arcade Releases page, but if you don’t want to browse that, here they are. The following games are all scheduled to begin shipping in March; Orders can be placed with your preferred Sega distributor now:

  • ATV Slam SD
  • Men In Black
  • Pushing Points (a merchandiser)
  • VR Agent

Their watercraft racing game, Jet Blaster has been shipping since September, so that’ll be on the Games of 2021 video that I’ve been working on.

Which of these Sega titles are you looking forward to playing the most?

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  1. Steffen January 5, 2022 at 11:57 am - Reply

    It would be interesting to know if you can link two DX cabinets for linked play.

    I have recently seen the big version for 4 players for the first time in reality. The footprint is really something that’s even big for a large entertainment complex.

    It made the Jurassic Park by Raw Thrills standing next to it feel tiny in comparison.

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