Bowl Expo 2023 Wrap-Up

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Bowl Expo has come and gone once again, but with many having checked out the preview I did, I want to follow-up on anything that the preview might have missed. Do note that I was not in attendance at this event, so what I know is thanks to various people who were there (or via companies posting on social media) to be able to share what we see here.

As mentioned in the preview, most of the booths were similar to what was seen at Amusement Expo 2023 back in March; To save you time, I’m not going to mention those booths and products. The focus will instead be on new-new stuff and surprises – although there isn’t a ton to discuss.

Pop It! & MagixPool

These new pieces appeared to draw a bit of attention as Touch Magix gets back into exhibiting at their own booth (they had been exhibiting with Elaut as most shows post-pandemic).

I received a press release from Touch Magix about Pop It!, which I’ll post at the bottom, but until then, here are the trailers for both games in case you missed them:

Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade VR

There isn’t anything new to add about this new entry into VR arcade racing that hasn’t already been said, but note that as of yesterday, the game has officially been released to the wide industry, so arcade or FEC operators can grab one if they find that it fits their budget.

Big Shot (JET Games, aka Jennison)

The surprises were all apparently kept at the JET Games booth, where this company is moving more and more into videmption than they had done previously. Big Shot is a Deluxe model of their light-gun arcade game Quick Shot, which can operate as a redemption or amusement-only piece. This version melds two-players into one cabinet (Quick Shot is 1 player per cab) and uses an unusual aspect ratio for the monitor (5:4?). I reached out to JET and they are taking orders for this as well as the Quick Toss redemption game seen to the left, but note that there is a 45 day lead time. Still, we can count this as a June release, so that’s what I’ll do for the releases tracker. Thanks to Walter K. at PrimeTime Amusements for the pic:

Big Shot by JETThey had another game on the other side of these machines that is called Prize Shot. According to JET, the game is 70% complete; They brought it to the show to get operator feedback for any changes. All of these should make it to IAAPA. Thanks to Jdevy for this pic:

Emoji Frenzy (UNIS)

This redemption game was mentioned in the preview but here’s a nice shot that Walter sent me:

Emoji FrenzyKing Size Duck Catcher Crane (Coast-To-Coast Entertainment)

It’s the popular Duck Catcher, now in MegaHuge King Size:

Unfortunately I did not find any photos of Bullseye: Crack Shot that Coastal Amusements is carrying, but if I do find one, I’ll be sure to update this space.

Here’s the Pop It! PR; If you attended Bowl Expo, what did you think of it? If you’re a gamer, do any of these games above appeal to you?

TouchMagix To Launch Licensed Ball Drop Game, ‘Pop It®!’ at the BOWL Expo

See it first at AAMA Game Room 1151 at the Orange County Convention Center, Florida, USA

TouchMagix, creators of highly engaging arcade games, are known for some of the finest, never-seen-before gaming experiences for the family audience. They will be launching Pop It®! – their innovative new title that promises endless fun, at the upcoming BOWL Expo in 2023.

FoxMind, creator and distributor of toys and games designed to stimulate the mind, has licensed the use of their highly popular title to TouchMagix to develop an innovative redemption game.

David Capon, CEO of FoxMind, commented, “We at FoxMind, the company behind Pop It! ®, one of the world’s most successful toy/game concepts to have ever hit the toy market, are happy to join forces with TouchMagix in launching the first ever arcade game based on the Pop It!”

Anup Tapadia, CTO of TouchMagix, commented, “We’re thrilled with the collaboration with FoxMind, and look forward to introducing ‘Pop It®!’ at the BOWL Expo. It’s a great license, which we have imagined in a never-seen-before redemption game for our audience. The initial test results have been positive, and we’re excited for the showcase!”

TouchMagix’ games and experiences will be showcased at the International BOWL Expo, 2023. Check out TouchMagix’ latest portfolio of games at AAMA Game Room 1151 between 28th-29th June, 2023.

Operators can get in touch at for more information about TouchMagix’ offerings.

About TouchMagix®

TouchMagix is a manufacturer of new-age and never-seen-before coin-operated redemption games in the USA, with a world-class R&D facility in Pune, India. These games are skill-based, highly addictive and have high repeat value leading to proven ROI for operators worldwide. TouchMagix’ latest line-up of arcade games includes: Mega Blaster, Carnival Cups, SpaceWarp 66, Drift ‘N’ Thrift, Dicey Jump, Hop N Stack and MagixFloor.

TouchMagix also offers a new variety of interactive display solutions like Interactive Floor and Interactive Wall. TouchMagix has also partnered with Brunswick® to introduce Spark® technology, the industry’s first immersive and interactive scoring experience, that revolutionizes the on-lane projection experience in bowling.


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