Raw Thrills To Launch Fast & Furious Arcade Standard Edition At IAAPA 2023

arcadehero November 8, 2023 0

Have you been interested in the recent Fast & Furious Arcade by Raw Thrills, but didn’t have the space or the budget to make it work? Well, now you might be able to fix that as the company has announced a standard model of the game. Let’s check it out.

ALERT – The cabinet images have been updated from the original story and are different from what was originally shown! They no longer feature the metal blades on the sides, nor the larger marquee. HOWEVER, if you order a pair, you can order the larger marquee from your distributor.

The New Fast & Furious SD Cabinet

First released in October 2022, Fast & Furious Arcade launched with an impressive and imposing Deluxe model. This towered over the competition and was especially impressive with 4 units. It also launched a new trend of using two displays instead of one for racing games. With a large footprint and price tag, it was a perfect piece for FECs. Now, here’s the standard model which means less space and less cost, so more non-FEC arcades can grab a set or two:

Here’s the pair side-by-side. Perhaps we’ll see what four of these linked looks like at IAAPA 2023.

The Fast & Furious Arcade Standard edition

As Raw Thrills has been doing for a while now, the game is available in four colors (red, green, orange, and yellow). It should be emphasized thought that buyers cannot choose the color – you get whatever arrives. If an operator purchases another unit down the road and want to prevent getting the same color twice however, they need to send the serial number of their unit to their distributor. That way you’ll get a different color (but it still isn’t selectable).

Other details

This will also come with the latest software, which also features:

  • Updated physics are easier to trigger stunts

  • Free race for head-to-head winner option 

  • New attract movie to teach players how to drift

  • Price is approximately $13,000 per cabinet (varies between distributors)

The Fast & Furious arcade sell sheet

This will debut next week at IAAPA 2023, where I’ll grab some footage of it in action. What do you think about it?

Thanks to the different operators who sent me these details and to Raw Thrills for the official pics

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