IAAPA 2023: The JET Games Recap

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IAAPA 2023: The JET Games Recap

Next up for our IAAPA recap is JET Games (aka Jennison Entertainment). Based out of Florida, they used to be exclusively focused on redemption games and kiddie rides. After they purchased Family Fun Companies, they’ve been pivoting towards more video, on top of the redemption/ride mix. They recently launched a new website to promote their games although as of this exact moment, there’s a site certificate issue so I’ll link to the older site instead.

UPDATE: The new site is working again, here’s the link.

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The JET Games Booth

As I’ve done with other posts that are focused on a single company, here’s the booth tour for JET. It is interesting to see them pivot a little more towards video games. It used to be that they only had redemption and kiddie rides, but that isn’t the case at this show:

I also won’t complain as the more video games, the merrier!

Mega Shot

The premiere title at their booth was Mega Shot, which takes elements found in Big Shot and Quick Shot and jumps it up a step. Using 85″ vertically oriented screens (1 or 2, depending on the model), and a realistic modern rifle with a real scope, this one grabbed a lot of attention. I spoke with John from JET and he mentioned that it still had a little tweaking to go, but that it would likely start shipping “soon.” They also have it listed on their new website and their distributors are taking orders for it now. I don’t recall hearing an exact price, but will update this space when I have more.

The game features three levels, where it feels somewhat like Konami’s Silent Scope. I think that puts it into a great spot, since competition for that type of game is sparse. That said, we’ll have to see how this compares in price to Amusement Source’s Sniper Strike II.

Big Shot

A cousin to the Mega Shot is Big Shot, released earlier this year. That in itself was a step-up from Quick Shot, which had been released a while back. Both Big & Quick shot feature the same gun and gameplay, it’s just that Big Shot comes with a bigger screen and has two players per cabinet instead of one. I think I heard a price of around $18k for this but check with your distributor to be sure.

Note that here soon I will do a video discussing these against competitors like Bullseye Crack Shot and Gunfight Hero.

JET Darts

I did not get focused footage of this one, so we’ll have to rely on the booth tour video up top. For a location like a bar that wants to step up on darts, this was a really nice looking solution. Back when I sold games, I occasionally received inquiries on coin-op dartboards but it was a weird market in how manufacturers would handle it. Usually, I couldn’t get very far as rules for sales were dependent upon the zip code. I don’t know if this has the same restrictions but if not, this could serve as a great solution to put darts into a venue. It doesn’t go quite as far as that dart system that Sega is selling, as it doesn’t use projection mapping. It does use LED lighting and an integrated screen, so that might mean it comes with a lower price tag.

Quick Toss, Cannonball Drop

These are a couple of videmption games that you can see briefly in the booth video. Cannonball Drop is reminiscent of JET’s older ball drop titles like Gum Drop, Space Ballz and Ocean Pearls. It has a pirate setup and a cannon controller.

Quick Toss is a ball toss video game to play for tickets. I’m not sure how many different kinds of targets you can hit but it comes in a nice looking cabinet and the most surprising thing about it is that it has leaderboards. When we have certain arcade video games dumping leaderboards and videmption games having them, we’re in a weird spot.

I’m not an expert on kiddie rides although from my observations, the rides that JET sells are pretty nice quality and I think it’s a bonus that they have video game integrated into them. I haven’t been a kid for a while but growing up I would have found a viddie ride far more compelling than just a wheel that spins and buttons…but then again, really young kids often aren’t picky about any of that.

Since this is a late hour post I can’t get info on shipping, so I will update accordingly. Likewise, you can contact a distributor for availability & pricing.

That’s all for JET this time – what do you think of their offerings?

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