IAAPA 2023: Andamiro USA’s Game Line-up

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IAAPA 2023: Andamiro USA’s Game Line-up

Welcome to the next piece of IAAPA 2023 coverage, now focusing on Andamiro USA. As the US division of the South Korean arcade developer, they are fairly autonomous in the products that they can produce. They also moved from California to Texas not long ago, so they could be more centralized on their support.

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The Andamiro Booth

I have to apologize to Drew and the Andamiro team as this is one of those things that I realized only after I got home and was looking through my files that I forgot to do. I did make a spreadsheet of everything to film which included booths, but I need to do a written version of that since stopping to pull out the laptop to check is just something I don’t remember to do either.

Here’s list of what was there, then we’ll get into a little focus on the video games:

  • Bobblehead Baseball VS. – Shipping January 2024
  • Crazy Toy cranes – Shipping now
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Ticket Coaster – Shipping mid-December
  • Pump It Up Phoenix – Shipping now
  • Super Star 2 merchandizer – Shipping now but limited availability (waiting on next container)
  • Spider-man coin pusher – Shipping January 2024
  • Spongebob SquarePants VR Bubble Coaster – Shipping Now
  • Tic Shaq Toe – Shipping now

Best I can do to make up for the lack of an IAAPA booth video is their Amusement Expo booth:

Pump It Up 2023 Phoenix

Available since August, this was the first time I had come across the game. A team dedicated to showing how the game works was present and they also organized a tournament. I captured some of that in the video below, although I guess some were hoping that I would show the Basic Mode. I will have to keep that in mind for the next time I come across the game.

I also grabbed a couple of promo materials from the game but don’t have them nearby to scan for this post. More details on Phoenix can be found on this post, by visiting Andamiro’s site or by visiting the official PIU website.

Bobblehead Baseball VS.

Bobblehead Baseball first hit the scene as a videmption game but not long ago, Andamiro launched a non-ticket amusement version. The one issue with those: they were single player. BBVS gives adds the second player, while also giving a nod to the old Nintendo VS. games. This can operate as either redemption or non-redemption.

As I mention in the video, it’s nice to see a video baseball game return to the scene. Playing with a friend makes this a better experience, as you would expect. Too bad that it doesn’t have a spring-loaded bat controller like some classic baseball arcade games, but they want to keep it simple.

Other New Redemption Pieces

Guardians of the Galaxy is a nice looking piece that builds on the SpongeBob Ticket Coaster idea by adding the holographic spinner display on both sides. This gives it a more fitting ‘tech’ look although what you would pick for a location depends on your demographics.

Crazy Toy is a great looking crane; I’d probably go for the “clear” version myself, which has no cabinet/bars on the sides.

Super Star 2 is a fine merchandizer piece – those have dwindled in popularity due to some states hating on them, but for places that can still operate one, it’s a winner.

That wraps up Andamiro this time – I’ll definitely get a booth video for them the next time show I attend.

What do you think about their latest offerings?

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