exA-Arcadia Set To Unveil New Games At EVO Japan 2024

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exA-Arcadia Set To Unveil New Games At EVO Japan 2024

While a lot of focus on the blog will surround Amusement Expo 2024 over the course of the next couple of weeks, another event is approaching fast that will also contain some arcade goodness – EVO Japan 2024.

exA Is Headed To EVO Japan

While this year’s US EVO event doesn’t take place until July, the Japanese EVO side is happening next month at the end of April. exA-Arcadia first mentioned this in a tweet, then followed up with this exALive stream. If you missed the deal with these, here’s our post on the first of them from last month. Again it’s all in Japanese since that’s the target audience, but after this, I have a summary for you to look over:

Things to take away from the stream (thanks to Shou for filling me in on the details since my Japanese is too basic to help):

  • exA-Arcadia will have a booth there and take that opportunity to showcase twelve fighting games.
  • Some of them are already available, such as Samurai Shodown V Perfect, Arcana Heart 3 Xtend, Axel City 2, and Chaos Code EXA.
  • A couple of others which were shown at IAAPA 2023, such as Omen of Sorrow: Arising Chaos and Phantom Breaker Omnia. This was the official reveal to the Japanese market.
  • The rest will be brand new announcements
  • A tease on one of those upcoming games was shown at the end of the stream

Games From The Stream

While not a part of EVO since it’s a shooting game, Touhou Scarlet Diabolique Fantastica will be available from March 21st. They spend the first bit of the stream discussing that. It has already been on location test in Japan at Shinjuku Sportsland since the start of March.

In the middle you can see quite a bit of direct footage from Omen of Sorrow AC being played. The game’s webpage has been updated to include some details on the changes – “Full HD graphics rendering with anti aliasing at 60 fps and less than half of the load times,” “3 frames of input lag,” “New voices and art,” and “Japanese localization.” This one should be available soon, although there is not a firm date on it yet. We should get a better idea at Amusement Expo next week.

Omen of Sorrow AC exA-Arcadia

Likewise, next week should see a new reveal at Amusement Expo – I would also plan on games like Omen of Sorrow and Phantom Breaker Omnia being there.

Last but not least, the tease for a new title coming to the exA. Hint: It was on the MVS but is not The King of Fighters:

What do you think?

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