Amusement Expo 2024: Booth Tours #2 [Andamiro, Bay Tek, Coastal, UNIS, And More]

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Amusement Expo 2024: Booth Tours #2 [Andamiro, Bay Tek, Coastal, UNIS, And More]

It’s time for part two of the Amusement Expo 2024 booth tours. This will close out the tours, although I still have a few more individual products to post. If you missed out on part one, click here. There’s more than this that you can find on YouTube, so subscribe there if you want to see more; I’ve also made an Amusement Expo 2024 playlist that has everything from the event in one place.

Note that this will also include a couple of other companies I spoke with at the show where I didn’t exactly film them (they didn’t have products to show like most others) but what they have still might be of interest to some of you.

Also, so this isn’t 100% from us, here’s Retro Ralph’s look at Amusement Expo 2024:

Let’s start on the Amusement Expo 2024 tours this time with a couple of our advertisers (TouchMagix, ASI), then the rest:


TouchMagix had a much smaller booth than their IAAPA one, so another video is sufficing here instead of a tour. However, it still featured a couple of new products – a casino version of MegaBlaster and this previously announced collaboration with Pudgy Penguins:

Amusement Source International

Next is Amusement Source International, whose ad on the site will be popping up next week. They had a much more spacious booth than IAAPA, but brought a mix of titles that we saw at that show, plus some new ones. The principle surprise was Thunder Attack, but there’s another shooter game I haven’t posted about yet that you can see here near the end.

Andamiro USA

From here, let’s go alphabetically with the remaining booths. Keep in mind, most booths are smaller repeats of IAAPA 2023 setups, although some have differences. Andamiro is one where they introduced three new games: Krazy Ballz, Tic Tac Toe Basketball, and Wacky Racers.

Bay Tek Entertainment

Bay Tek’s spot was as huge as usual, although they did have a smaller version of the Tundra Toss football game you see in the thumbnail below. This is also the first show where the MajorMega purchase was official, although they only had the SpongeBob VR game.

Coastal Amusements

Coastal’s booth also had a couple of variations from IAAPA, namely in the return of SlideUp and the appearance of a new redemption game that looks to compliment their popular Snow Day redemption game.

Elaut USA

I don’t usually cover Elaut (which includes Coast-To-Coast Entertainment and Benchmark Games International), although they have been starting to show more video content. Benchmark in particular had three models of a basketball video game called Alley Hoops. Coast-To-Coast also had Nitro Speed, which is a lot like Hot Wheels.

Coast-To-Coast also has possibly been testing a crane game for a little while that I didn’t see there (or I overlooked it – my eyes do tend to gloss over when I just see a bunch of cranes and little to nothing else in terms of cabinets), called Prize Station Extreme. This giga-crane definitely needs some ceiling height but I’m sure it’s been a top earner so far:


I didn’t grab a video of exA-Arcadia’s booth this time, but do have videos of their specific games. Note that some of the games I played and filmed are going to be revealed here in April at a couple of different events (one at the beginning of the month, another at the end). They will cover both shmups and fighters, so hang tight.  For stuff that isn’t under embargo however, here are a couple:

Also stay tuned – exA is sponsoring some videos where I’ll be showing off some features from the ARC-1 cabinet. I’ll also have DoDonPachi True Death EXA LABEL operating in proper TATE mode to show as well.

IGPM Group

While I’ve never watched it, IGPM debuted a Power Slap branded boxing machine. The punching bag on it is slightly different from the norm, but otherwise the operation is the same. They had several other boxers on hand, including the MMA Boxer which debuted at IAAPA 2023:


A new game for Inowize’s QBIX immersive game room was setup to play, called Chef Express. This is a clever game that is a refreshing twist on what you usually find with VR-style systems. You’re a contestant on a cooking show but instead of having 60 minutes to prepare the perfect dish, you just have to cook whatever the judge is asking for. This requires you to run around the room, grabbing ingredients, then cooking them in the proper way. The only fault I had was I didn’t get close enough to the wall at times (I was being took conscious over not trying to run into the walls as I didn’t want to damage them on accident).


JET’s offerings were just like those of IAAPA, just condensed into a smaller booth space. They also had the production version of Mega Shot on hand, which is shipping now (I’m going to do a post on it, as soon as I get a confirmation on a couple of things from JET). Bobby at JET did say that the game is essentially available, although it sounded like a container was still en route.


This is one company that didn’t have any arcade machines to film, but their product should be of interest to operators and technicians. This video says it better than I can, but I did meet with Rohan, who gave me a live demo. It reminded me of a system that I came across when visiting a Disney arcade in Florida back in 2017; although Disney’s thing was certainly proprietary. While useful for single locations with a lot of machines, a sleek solution like this should be crucial if you operate several route locations or have several technicians to manage. It also allows customers to report issues with machines, which is a very nice feature.


UNIS had a few changes from IAAPA, including the playable version of Godzilla Vs. Kong Smasher. I wasn’t expecting anything special from a whacker game, but the concept of attacking your opponent and damaging their health bar was a compelling touch. It also looks great to boot. Beyond that was Bigfoot Mayhem (which I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to play to compare how it might have changed since IAAPA), a new Addams Family redemption game, plenty of cranes, and a new Funko Pop branded version of Over The Edge.

That’s not all from Amusement Expo 2024, although it does get us to “almost done.” What has stood out to you from the show?


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