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In the wake of Amusement Expo 2024, we’re catching up on the latest releases to the arcade market. The subject of today’s new game is Mega Shot, by JET Games USA. This is on location in some parts of the world at the moment (the Middle East and Indonesia), but it is soon arriving on American shores. Interested operators can place an order with their distributor if they wish as of now, so let’s take a look at what this game offers.


For those who might have visited JET’s booth in the past, you likely saw their Quickshot and Big Shot games. These are shooting gallery games that use a realistic pistol where the shell is made out of aluminum, as opposed to the standard plastic gun we tend to see in arcade games.

Mega Shot first debuted at IAAPA 2023, where it was one of the more talked about pieces at the show. In jumping from Quick, to Big to Mega, it takes things up a notch in more than just the name – bigger form factor, bigger (different) guns, and new content.

The gun is certainly the most striking aspect of the experience, as rifles are an arcade these days. Mega Shot goes a step further from the norm, reproducing the realistic feel of an AR-series weapon. The shell is machined aluminum, whereas most guns in the biz are plastic; that alone gives it weight that feels very close to the real thing. It uses a real gun scope on top, which makes aiming easier (although it also has a virtual scope feature that is activated using a button on the side). Then, it has air-powered force feedback, giving the weapon a nice kick. I can say without a doubt that this is the coolest arcade gun I’ve ever used.

Mega Shot Gun

Another difference that this brings is in gameplay. While operators are at liberty to adjust this, Quick & Big Shot usually have a limited number of bullets that the player can fire before asking the player to insert coins/swipe card to continue. This setting makes little sense on Mega Shot, as there are moments where the gun switches into full auto mode and 100 bullets can be spent in the blink of an eye. As such, Mega Shot has a time adjustment, where the location can set this to their liking.

The Game

At first glance, Mega Shot is just the Big Shot with cooler guns. JET took things a step further than that though, which bears some explaining.

The software between the Quick & Big Shots are the same, offering eight levels to play. The only difference is that the Big Shot has slightly more powerful PC hardware for driving a higher resolution on the screen. Big Shot does have a level that is like Time Crisis where you are shooting at soldiers, but this can be turned off by the operator. That depends on the type of location featuring the game.

Mega Shot however, has six levels that are better tailored towards the gun. These are:

  • Skeet shooting. This level operates as a higher resolution on the DX model to take advantage of the larger screen space
  • Bottle shooting. Shoot bottles in a warehouse
  • “Wasteland” sniper scenario. This one plays like a modern Silent Scope.
  • Rats. Take out the many rats crawling all over the warehouse
  • Drones. Blast drones out of the sky.
  • Cardboard pop-ups. More of a Police Trainer/Mad Bullets scenario

Units can link together if a location choose to do so, allowing for a maximum of six players at once. Redemption is also possible but due to the longer gameplay that this one has, it isn’t recommended.

Cabinet Models

Interested buyers can order two models: A single 85″ screen, and the DX double 85″ screen. The single begins shipping in the US at the end of May/early June and has an MSRP of $19,995. The DX will ship in mid-July with an MSRP of $26995.

The DX model is said to offer 44 sq. ft. of screen area. As mentioned, they take advantage of this in the software; it also has a more powerful PC for driving the two screens. I don’t have a photo of the single model, although it has been present at both IAAPA 2023 and Amusement Expo 2024. The double does operate with each screen independently if players start different levels or at different times, excepting a scenario like Skeet Shooting, where it uses the whole area:

Mega Shot Deluxe by JET Games

Also to note, this game is exclusive to arcades. If the software was available on PC/PS5/Switch/Xbox though, it wouldn’t be anywhere near the same without those awesome guns.

What do you think about this one, from the information shared? Would you like to see a location near you pick up Mega Shot?

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