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Disney's 3D Ping Pong as seen at GTI Expo + a few more GTI pics

Shaggy May 15, 2010 0

I know you are possibly sick of hearing about GTI by now but new things are trickling out that are noteworthy enough, so let’s get on with it! Thanks to Joe for the link

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Arcade Heroes Podcast #14 : Arcade shows, game news and more with Kevin Williams

Shaggy May 15, 2010 0

We haven’t forgot about the podcast although I admit to slacking on it lately. It didn’t help that we had to start over on this one due to the program I was using to

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Video: Terminator Salvation Arcade

Shaggy May 14, 2010 3

Since we have a lot of searches coming in over Terminator I figure I may as well share the videos I took of the game yesterday. As these are the first videos I have

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The Raiden V game that isn’t Raiden V

Shaggy May 12, 2010 1

I enjoy a good space combat game but they are hard to find these days. Such games used to dominate the arcade scene but they have all but died out in recent years. So

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Super Street Fighter IV arcade listed for sale at the end of August UPDATE: Make that October

Shaggy May 12, 2010 3

While I had thought that the impending release of Super Street Fighter IV in arcades would be happening in the winter of this year(the always reliable AM-Net lists it as such), importer has

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A rundown of the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010

Shaggy May 8, 2010 0

After almost a week of waiting, we finally have a more in-depth look at what went on at the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010 in Taiwan this past weekend. To show us what was

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Enter the world of 2D fighters with Pixel Kombat: The Hadokumentary

Shaggy May 7, 2010 1

Not every genre found in gaming is as suited towards competitive gaming as fighters are and that important aspect of such games is the new subject behind a documentary film, Pixel Kombat. The film

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Pac-Man Battle Royale coming to e3?

Shaggy May 6, 2010 3

e3 is one of the largest annual expos to feature the latest in video game developments. They have consistently lacked one side of the game industry however and that is arcade games. I personally

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World's Fastest Drummer Arcade as seen at Game Galaxy Arcade

Shaggy May 4, 2010 1

A short time ago we covered a new independent arcade title that was going to be testing at the Game Galaxy Arcade in Nashville, TN and now we have a video of the game

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A few more games out of China (which may or may not be at GTI Expo 2010)

Shaggy May 4, 2010 2

With the Game Time International 2010 event underway in Taiwan right now, we were hoping to have a better idea of what is at the show. But details are sketchy so I took some

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Initial sales numbers for Terminator Salvation arcade

Shaggy May 3, 2010 3

Guitar Hero Arcade sold 2000 units in 90 days. Big Buck Hunter Open Season sold 3000 units in 90 days. Silver Strike Live sold over 3000 before it was released due to pre-orders. (Before

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Warlords spiritually returns with FORCE

Shaggy May 1, 2010 3

I am fortunate to own an Atari Warlords cocktail machine. It was long a “holy grail” of mine as I always enjoyed playing Warlords on the Atari 2600 as a kid and with the

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