Trailer for Taito’s Block King

arcadehero July 22, 2012 1
Trailer for Taito’s Block King

Newsfeed 1226 via The Stinger Report

Along the same lines as Namco’s Dark Escape, months ago Taito unveiled a new concept that they called Block King but until now we’ve never seen video of it being played. Unlike Dark Escape however, I doubt we will see this in North America although Europe could be a possibility since Taito and Electrocoin still have a good relationship that seems to withstand the eroding ways of time. Block King is not the first game of its kind – there have been arcade video games that involve throwing plastic balls at the screen before, such as ICE’s Go Ballistic. But from what is shown here, I would say it is the most advanced game in its class with 3D graphics that involve LEGO-like characters and environments and plenty of physics to boot (it’s not clear if this is using a LEGO license or not but the objects in the game certainly are based off it) . The game can handle up to four people raining their combined destructive forces on the screen and while originally it wasn’t clear what the cannon mounted to the center of the panel did, it’s just for special events (I had speculated that it might be used to load and fire balls at the screen). Block King is out in Japan now but judging by the look of the game, I think it would do just fine out West if given the chance, especially in venues that cater more to the young ‘uns.

Here’s the trailer, replete with cutesy cuteness

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