And the All-Time favorite Arcade Game ever (at least for 843 people) is…

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Well this really isn’t hard to guess – it’s not only the best selling arcade game of all-time with somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 units sold, a song was written about the “fever” it caused, it has been cloned and bootlegged ad nauseum and spawned numerous sequel which include a 4-player twist on the original idea. Yep it’s Pac-Man, according to a survey done by a a company I’ve never heard of through an IPOBE Zogby online poll of 843 people, which is honestly a really small sample of  the general population at large which has played arcade games. I don’t mean to use that as a knock against Pac-Man, (more of a knock against polling small groups of people among 6 billion on the planet and saying that’s the de facto opinion of the majority but there’s no way to poll that many people at once) as I do think if you surveyed 1 million people it would probably still come out on top, again as shown by the information I started out with on this post. When I was a kid actually, I had no idea that Pac-Man was an arcade game as the only time I had played it was the sub-par version on the Atari 2600. I actually felt that way about a lot of games until I later learned that most of the Atari hits were noble attempts at arcade ports to a system with 128 bytes of RAM.

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Anyways, you can see all of the results here at KontrolFreak where despite the small sample there are some interesting things worth pointing out. They actually show 40 games on there (not 10 like some blogs are only mentioning) and that does include a few more recent games, although within the top 10, 9 are 80’s classics, the one exception being Mortal Kombat (one reason why I think the industry is missing an opportunity to get an Arcade Edition of the new Mortal Kombat game, recognition alone would bring people into arcades as long as there was some improvements to it over the home version). Mario Kart Arcade is on there as it edged out popular games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dance Dance Revolution. The survey did manage to reach plenty of classic gamers but I’m perplexed by Galaxy Game making it to 30th place on the list with 5.6% of the vote as very few people have heard of that game, much less played it. If you take these poll results as total gospel you might think there are many more people who enjoy or recognize Galaxy Game than Time Crisis II, BattleZone, House of the Dead or Rampage but put any of these games GG beat out into a modern arcade and the results of what would be more popular and recognized wouldn’t be hard to predict.   Getting back to one trend I noticed on the poll before we go is games involving a strong presence of a main character of cast is prevalent here and no accident I believe. Good thing for Pac-Man that he wasn’t a featureless square.

So fellow arcaders, what would your all-time arcade favorite be? Comment below

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