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Gamepro does a podcast on California Extreme

Shaggy July 17, 2010 0

Newsfeed 860 via When I was a kid, I enjoyed reading the game magazine Gamepro. In the days before the internet was in everyone’s home, it was the only place I got news on

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An update to the Galloping Ghost Arcade, with an opening date and video

Shaggy July 14, 2010 3

(Thanks to Shane Muir and Aaron Auzins for the info) A short time ago we revealed that a new arcade location was in the works in Brookfield, IL USA. You can read that initial

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Update on Metal Gear Arcade from the Japanese location test

Shaggy July 10, 2010 0

We have a few new details on Konami’s Metal Gear Arcade, which we reported just a couple of days ago would be getting a location test this week. The most significant change to the

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The arcade presence at the "It's All Fun and Games" exhibition in Bradford, UK

Shaggy July 8, 2010 1

The National Media Museum in Bradford, UK has a relatively new exhibit on display known as The Games Lounge. As the name implies, it is an exhibit which features video games which in addition

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Konami releases Dance Dance Revolution X2 in Japan; begins testing new Pop N' Music Tune Street tomorrow

Shaggy July 7, 2010 0

It’s another great day for Bemani fans as Konami Japan keeps rolling out new games. First the latest DDR title, DDRX2 was released in Japan today. In addition to new modes of play, new

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Taito’s new trailer for Gaia Attack 4

Shaggy June 18, 2010 5

It’s been a few months since we first saw Taito’s newest foray into the realm of light-gun shooters, Gaia Attack 4 and today they released a full trailer for the title on their Japanese

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"Vulcan-X" looks to steal Vulcan-M's thunder

Shaggy June 8, 2010 0

Via It wasn’t too long ago that we first heard about Vulcan-M, a new light-gun title by Korean company Rassen. It already has a competitor with Vulcan-X by ChinaAmuse. Like Vulcan-M the game has

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The wayback machine videos for today are…

Shaggy May 9, 2010 2

It’s Sunday so in lieu of news, we have videos to point out. I’m not sure why it seems like we’re getting a lot of videos of arcades from the early 80’s showing up

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Discuss: What effect/influence could Microsoft's Project Natal and Sony's new motion controller have on arcades? (UPDATED)

Shaggy June 2, 2009 4

UPDATE: Sony has also announced another motion control scheme for the PS3 today, which combines a camera with handheld controllers, which brings the motion craze to all three consoles. So I could probably change

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Videos from the Midwest Gaming Classic 2009 event

Shaggy April 14, 2009 0

[Thanks to John Norman for sending us the info] For those of us that couldn’t make it to Midwest Gaming Classic, we can always drool over videos taken by those who could. I am

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Article: "When the arcades lost their fire"

Shaggy February 14, 2009 2

One great thing about arcades are the memories they create. I think that all of us has a story or two from times we spent at the arcade ‘back in the day’ and the

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Michael Yum of PM Studios discusses DJ Max Technika & more (including possible European release)

Shaggy December 10, 2008 0

PM Studios has not kept a tight lid on their new arcade title known as DJ Max Technika and this means more information for us to enjoy about the game. In an interview with

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