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Video: Pac-Man Battle Royale production version

Shaggy August 5, 2010 7

After that burst of news we had earlier this week, suddenly things dried up. So that makes it a perfect time to embed some videos. BMI Gaming, who captured footage of several new games

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See the new Darius Burst in action Friday

Shaggy August 4, 2010 0

(Thanks to ECM for the tip!) If you are chomping at the bit to see Taito’s new Darius Burst Another Chronicle in action, then you’ll have the chance to do so this Friday. Taito

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Pics from the AAMA 2010 Distributor Gala

Shaggy July 31, 2010 0

Newsfeed 890 via The AAMA (American Amusement Machine Association) held it’s 7th annual Distributor Gala this week, an event that generally gives us a sneak peek into what to expect in arcades in the

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Transformers Arcade titles for kids roll out in Japan

Shaggy July 25, 2010 1

(Thanks to AH reader ECM for the tip) We last heard about Sega’s development of kids arcade titles based upon the Transformers Animated license in March and now those games have been made available

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Videos from the Akai Katana (aka Red Sword) location test

Shaggy July 25, 2010 0

(Thanks to ECM for the tip) Interested in seeing CAVE’s new shooter Akai Katana? Then here are some of the first videos of the game in action, as seen recently on location test. I’m

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Videos from California Extreme 2010

Shaggy July 24, 2010 0

I usually post videos from CAX every year and now that a week has passed since the event, there are a few to enjoy on Youtube.  

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Konami's "Love Plus Arcade" brings dating sims, creepiness to Japanese arcades

Shaggy July 24, 2010 0

I have never seen a study been published on whether or not dating simulation video games actually improves ones behavior and/or chances with the opposite sex but either way such games have a following

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One Super Street Fighter IV location test down, at least two more to go

Shaggy July 23, 2010 0

Newsfeed 879 via There really isn’t anything new to report on the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV after it’s most recent location test but at least some in Japan have had a

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Raw Thrills' releases Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe

Shaggy July 22, 2010 14

The other day I had mentioned in the Twitter feed that there was a new Terminator Salvation cabinet that was being made available for release, a 32″ cabinet with mounted guns. I had no

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Andamiro finishes Pump It Up Pro 2; DDR X2 tested in the US

Shaggy July 22, 2010 0

Now for some music game news. First off, Andamiro has finally released Pump It Up Pro 2. The game was first seen at Amusement Expo 2010, where it was well-received by fans and since

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Sony's Raymodeler 3D – a display system for future arcades?

Shaggy July 22, 2010 1

In my mind, one thing that can help set an arcade apart, beyond the game itself or unique controls is the type of display used. In classic era most stuff was raster-based and arcade

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Seen at Hollywood Bowl, UK – Beatbox Recording Studio

Shaggy July 20, 2010 3

(Thanks to Kieran for the tip and photos) You might recall that back in 2009, Raw Thrills had been looking into releasing an American Idol game, where a person would record themselves singing, being

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