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Yoshinori Ono reveals more details on upcoming arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV

Shaggy July 11, 2010 0

Newsfeed 862 via An editor for the Japanese game magazine Famitsu sat down with the producer of Street Fighter IV and it’s Super update, Yoshinori Ono. Thanks to a translation of the article by

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SSFIV news for the day

Shaggy July 5, 2010 0

Newsfeed 857 via In case anyone was wondering how Super Street Fighter IV came to be considered for an arcade release, Kotaku has a few minor details on that. It’s nothing mind blowing so

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Super Street Fighter IV on a VEWLIX cab

Shaggy June 11, 2010 0

Let’s start this morning with a quick one. From the official Super Street Fighter IV Blog, an image of the upcoming arcade version of the game on a VEWLIX cabinet. The blog says “Ported

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Super Street Fighter IV arcade listed for sale at the end of August UPDATE: Make that October

Shaggy May 12, 2010 3

While I had thought that the impending release of Super Street Fighter IV in arcades would be happening in the winter of this year(the always reliable AM-Net lists it as such), importer has

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How amusement fared in the recent financial reports from Capcom and Namco Bandai

Shaggy May 10, 2010 0

News feed 801 via Financial reports were recently unveiled by a couple of companies who have some involvement in the arcade industry so how did the companies in question fare? First off, Capcom hasn’t

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The obligatory Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 teaser trailer

Shaggy April 21, 2010 4

Here it is – rumors have been circulating about MvC3 forever now and Capcom has finally given fans what they want. A trailer. Well, a trailer of a game people have been clamoring for

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Super Street Fighter 4 will get an arcade release UPDATED

Shaggy April 4, 2010 5

(console version cover art) Via A couple of weeks ago we reported that Capcom would bring out Super Street Fighter IV (which had previously been announced as a console-only title) to arcades if the

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Want Super Street Fighter IV in arcades? Let Capcom know about it!

Shaggy March 18, 2010 8

This comes to us from an interview with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono by Shack News and brought to our attention by The Stinger Report. Street Fighter fans should find this interesting: “”

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Capcom posting profits, Namco losses; where do their arcade divisions stand?

Shaggy February 3, 2010 12

It’s that time where we start to receive news about different public companies and their profit or loss over a certain period of time. These glimpes generally mention the arcade division of said companies

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National SFIV tournament currently underway in Japan

Shaggy January 21, 2010 2

(Thanks to Aaron Auzins for the info!) If you’re good at Street Fighter IV and you just happen to be in Japan, then now is the time to check out the national SFIV tournament.

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Footage of Mario Party Arcade

Shaggy November 11, 2009 3

(Thanks to reader ECM for the tip) It has been a few months since we have heard anything about the collaborative efforts between Capcom, Namco and Nintendo on a new Mario Party redemption arcade

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SFIV sequel in the works? Most likely

Shaggy September 22, 2009 3

If you know anything about the history of Street Fighter then you come to expect that Capcom will release an update or two for the game which adds more characters, moves and other items

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