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Ed Logg recounts how Asteroids was made

Shaggy June 3, 2009 0

A lot of classic games made their mark on our culture back in the 80’s but of those, Asteroids is certainly one of the top contenders for it’s reach and influence in gaming. I

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Welcome to the wonderful world of arcade coin buckets

Shaggy May 2, 2009 0

If you have worked at an arcade before or if you own a few cabinets then you have probably come across some interesting coin buckets before. Some are rather irritating as they can be

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A tribute to vectors – Vectormania!

Shaggy May 1, 2009 0

Ever since I discovered vector games I have been a bit of a vector-junkie. I have an Asteroids Deluxe  and would love to own more vectors but it seems that I never have the

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Steve Wiebe sets world record score for Donkey Kong Jr., eyes Donkey Kong next

Shaggy April 28, 2009 0

Many people have seen the documentary “The King of Kong” which delves into the world of high-score record setting on classic arcade games and the center of that story revolves around Steve Wiebe. We

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There's always a good reason to keep the classics around

Shaggy March 28, 2009 0

Not many arcades have some of the good old classics on-site anymore but for those who do, there is one great advantage that comes out of it – those games easily attract older players

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Review: Asteroids Deluxe by Atari

Shaggy January 30, 2009 0

While we eagerly await our ATEI coverage to be posted (it should be up very soon so stay tuned) I figured it might be nice to get in a video review before hand. I’ve

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Interview with Steve Wiebe & Walter Day about the classics

Shaggy July 23, 2008 0

I still need to get the documentary, King of Kong. It’s the kind of film that demonstrates the rivalry that is such an integral part of arcade culture, or at least is most prominent

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Dig Dug: The Untold Story by the Duo Group

Shaggy April 26, 2008 0

I saw this linked on the KLOV forums and had to share it. It’s a couple of months old but if you haven’t seen it, it’s rather funny. There is some violence in it

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A Spy Hunter Homecoming

Shaggy April 8, 2008 0

For many of us that have played arcade games for years and years, there is probably a couple of machines that we created an attachment to as we would play them all the time.

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A look at arcade ports on retro consoles today

Shaggy February 23, 2008 2

Ever since Atari released Space Invaders on the Atari 2600 console, arcade ports have been something of a standard in the console industry. It becomes something of a conundrum however as console releases have

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Arcade Exhibit to run in Arizona later this year

Shaggy February 14, 2008 0

If you live in Arizona (particularly in a city called Chandler) and spent some time playing classic arcade and home console games of the 70’s and 80’s, then a historian Jean Reynolds is looking

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