The Stinger Report looks at upcoming Sega titles

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[The Stinger Report]

The latest Stinger Report takes a look at some Sega titles shown off at private shows in September, including Primeval Hunt that we posted about not long ago. The Stinger reveals more about this interesting game that should turn some heads to the arcade scene. Quote:

While compiling a coming Chicago facility report, the Stinger team was able to see the American test version of ‘Primeval Hunt’. The two-player shotgun blaster was very similar to the ‘Extreme Hunting’ (PC Hardware) cabinet, but once recognizing the touch screen interface and the enhanced graphical presentation the separation was obvious. Played to completion of these 70% version (five levels) the movement control was incredible — the closest amusement has come to mouse-and-shoot fps action (lets hope it makes it to Preview’08).

I had noticed that the game would allow for free-roaming play and this almost soundsadinohunt21.JPG like they will be using a scheme similar to what is seen in FPS titles for the Nintendo Wii. Hopefully they will not repeat the mistakes made by control schemes such as Red Steel but as the Stinger reports, it looks like such may not be the case. The touch screen does have something to do with the movement of the players however. Primeval Hunt is scheduled to be released in January and we can’t wait to hear more about this game.

Stinger also reports that Sega will be bringing Virtua Fighter 5 to the UK to compete with Namco’s Tekken 6. Tekken 6 will be using an IC Card feature whereas VF5 had it’s IC Card feature removed. Should be interesting to see how these games do against each other come next year.

Hit the post break to read more, including information on Sega’s RaceTV, Manic Panic Ghost and more.

Stinger reports that Manic Panic Ghost, which was demonstrated at ATEI earlier this year has been slightly modified to include ticket pay-out for redemption. No word if this game will arrive in the States.

More has been revealed about RaceTV, with the Stinger describing it as a cross between “F-Zero and Crazy Taxi”. The game will use a password feature instead of an IC Card system to better compete with F&F in the States. While the game has been described as allowing up to 8 cabinets, it has not been seen in such a configuration up to this point.

Also shown off at the show was Sega’s ‘Skill with Prizes’ games, such as Shoot This – Win This! and UFO Catcher, both of which are still undergoing extensive testing to ensure their success.

Overall it looks like Sega is keeping up the pace and it’s great to see some titles of the likes of Primeval Hunt – the more originality we can get in the arcade industry, the better off it will be.

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