AOU Build Up – Action Cop by Konami

Shaggy February 4, 2008 0


Thanks to the Stinger Report here’s one up and coming look for something to expect at AOU 2008 (among many other games): Action Cop by Konami. We have reported about this game several times already although the name has changed a few times (it was Criminal Action and then Action Detective) the game seems to remain the same.actiondeka2.jpg Konami of course continues to prove that they are the grand-daddy of motion-based controls as Action Cop takes full advantage of them, combining what appears to be fist-brawling and light-gun shooting into one (two aspects that seem to receive the most praise on the Nintendo Wii). We also finally have some OK screenshots of what the game looks like so all we’ll need to wait for now is to see if it plays well or plays comparatively to a mediocre Wii game. (Click on the images above or below to enlarge)


Still there is no word on if this will see an international release but honestly I think Konami would have to be insane to not release this overseas.

vrcontroller.jpgThe Stinger Report also pointed out that the controllers being used in Action Cop share a striking similarity with those used in some early Virtuality VR arcade titles. Coincedence? You decide.

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