More positive ATEI and arcade coverage

Shaggy February 7, 2008 0


It’s good to know that not everyone who visited ATEI thought that it meant that the arcade scene was just months away from certain doom. Between us and The Stinger Report, it seemed that we provided the only positive coverage of the event out there but I’m happy to say that we weren’t. From the Guardian Limited in the UK, here’s an overall positive report that actually states:

Despite the rise of the consoles, arcade games are seeing a resurgence by offering an experience you can’t get at home

This point is further driven by the fact that arcade manufacturers are saying the same thing. It’s safe to say that if the developers of arcade titles are saying that things are going well on the arcade scene then most likely they are. Hit the link below for the article.

[“Game on again for coin-operated arcade titles” – Guardian Unlimited] [Discuss on the Forum]

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