Konami's Action Cop cabinet on location test

Shaggy February 10, 2008 0


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Thanks to the Stinger Report we have a first look at the cabinet Konami’s new motion-based controller arcade title Action Cop ‘in the wild’. It is currently testing at a Tokyo facility prior to AOU, so expect to hear a little bit more about this one through the week. Sporting a large screen (which looks like a plasma set although my eyes might be deceiving me) along with a large footprint this is certainly bound to attract some attention at AOU.

I still hold out hope on an international release but it is difficult to say since Konami product doesn’t reach the market penetration that it used to. Silent Hill (the most recent Konami title) has all but been ignored in the States but but has found some ground in Europe – perhaps it will be the same situation with Action Cop although I hope that such is not the case. It would be disappointing to see a great idea like this go unnoticed in the arcade scene here.

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