Atari wants to turn some of their old games into movies, starting with Missile Command

Shaggy February 20, 2010 0

Ah Hollywood. Will you ever give up on making movies based upon video games? Probably not, even though I wonder why since they aren’t generally huge money makers and are severely critiqued. The latest game-to-movie translation news comes from MTV, who is reporting that Atari is looking to take some of their classic titles to the big screen starting with Missile Command. I suppose that if you look at their classic line-up MC is easier to do something with than Pong, Sprint, Centipede, Tempest or Yars’ Revenge. I guess games that wouldn’t be too difficult to do would include Adventure, Haunted House, Star Raiders or Major Havoc. Crystal Castles could perhaps be done as an animated 3D flick. Not that I would really want them to do any of these as a movie but my opinion won’t stop them. If Missile Command does remotely well then we’ll have to brace ourselves for more of these but are there any classic games from any company you’d like to see made into a movie?

I would rather see the current Atari look into bringing some of their arcade classics back to the arcade. They can start with Warlords and go from there.

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