Peter Hirschberg's Luna City Arcade up for sale

Shaggy March 6, 2010 0

There are a lot of cool home arcades out there but few have attracted as much attention as Peter Hirschberg’s Luna City Arcade. He has built-up one of the finest collection of vector titles I have seen and that of course includes many very rare games which happen to be quite valuable. Even though it is a home arcade Peter has opened it up many times for people to go out and play (I think by doing previously scheduled parties). But that is soon to change, with Peter posting on the KLOV forums today that he is looking to sell the home along with much of the collection for someone else to enjoy. He will be keeping several games but for the most part, this is an opportunity for someone to own one of the best home arcades out there. It’s  located in Virginia which is pretty much on the other side of the US from where I am. hopefully a good collector is able to pick this up and maintain it. It certainly will require a bit of work but for an arcade like that, it would be worth it.

[Peter Hirschberg Selling Luna City Arcade – KLOV Forums] [Luna City Arcade website]

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