ICE Unveils Full Line Of Arcade Pro Games, Including Jurassic Park Pro

arcadehero December 10, 2020 0

Back in September, ICE (short for Innovative Concepts in Entertainment) revealed that they were launching a full line of commercial-grade, home-focused arcade games. With the holidays here, they now have all of their titles listed up for sale. Found at, they have three categories: Dome, Arcade & Pinball. Dome has their bubble hockey titles; the other two are obvious. The Arcade section features seven titles; Pinball has six current Stern titles for sale. From the site, certain games have to be ordered by tomorrow to arrive in time for Christmas.

UPDATE: ICE has begun uploading videos to promote this line:

As you’ll notice from the image above here, their biggest title on the list is Raw Thrills’ Jurassic Park, labeled as Jurassic Park Pro. They also have modified versions of their sports games, but let’s take a look at the Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park Pro by Raw Thrills & ICEThe cabinet keeps the same general shape as the commercial version, although it is a little bit smaller (Comm dimensions: 118″H x 53.5″W x 80″D / Pro dimensions: 68″ X 45″ X 92″/68″H depending on the topper). The controls are the same, including the recoil, but it does come with a smaller screen and a different seating style as shown here:

The software still features the 9 levels, the dino topper and it looks to have a similar sound system. Per the website, the game is launching “Early 2021.”

On price, you probably noticed that these are priced at a level much different than what you might expect from home arcade products at Wal-Mart. This is because the quality of the builds is still “commercial-grade,” just slightly smaller and no coin doors. JPP itself is $8k, which is about $4-4500 less than the coin-op model. Raw Thrills had mentioned to me that they are looking at a coin-op Pro model, although when/if that will happen is a wait-and-see thing.


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