Fleet Commander gives multiple touchscreens a purpose

arcadehero July 19, 2011 1

Newsfeed 1080 via The Stinger Report

The potential of multi-touch display technology is still in the early stages for out-of-home amusement and we certainly won’t see it tapped out anytime soon. One great example is Fleet Commander by Arthur Nishimoto. First developed for a tabletop multi-touch screen, he then took the idea to a larger scale with a 20-foot wall of multi-touch screens. Fleet Commander is a game inspired by Star Wars that has players controlling fleets of ships in an effort to destroy the opposing team’s starbase. You can set the path of your ships and access commands directly for that ship by touching it. This idea shows the potential touchscreen technology has in bringing action strategy to an out-of-home entertainment setting as creating this for the home would be an expensive challenge and the potential is greater in a public social setting as it is.

First is an earlier tabletop version that would work perfectly in an arcade setting. In fact, I imagine this could be converted over to the TouchFX without too much trouble. Fleet Commander FX has a nice ring to it.

Here’s the more recent 20-foot wall version. More info on this via Wired.com

He also has put together a touchscreen wall for TRON to finally recreate the “Pong” game from the original movie.

You can see more about Arthur’s project on his website.

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