The near future of arcades discussed on the BBC

arcadehero August 22, 2011 1

Newsfeed 1101 via The Stinger Report

The current and future state of the amusement/arcade industry is something we deal with here pretty much every day and today, here is a story published on BBC News that covers that as well – including quotes from several individuals who were recently involved in the DNA Conference in London this last month. Those individuals include David Young, CEO of one of our sponsors; Patrick Michael of Sega Amusements Europe R&D; and Ernest Yale, CEO of TrioTech Amusements. Mr. Young was recently interviewed for a BBC radio program to discuss the industry as well.   With the DNA Conference seeking to come over to the US this year, hopefully it can also draw some media attention to the subject and set the record straight.

[BBC NEWS – Is It The End of The Arcade Game?]

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