Light Trikes Brings TRON and Exer-gaming into one

arcadehero May 24, 2012 1
Light Trikes Brings TRON and Exer-gaming into one

When TRON Legacy came out back at the end of 2010, a lot of us were excited about it along with some of the arcade stuff being pushed as a part of the marketing for the movie. I did my own “what if” post about potential TL arcade game ideas. I actually found out that an idea had been pitched for a TRON Legacy arcade game to major arcade developer around the time but it didn’t go through for reasons that the film itself hadn’t done well enough to warrant such a release(not sure if I can mention who did the pitching or not; I think that even if the film had not done well, an arcade game still could have done fine on its own like the original TRON arcade game happened to do but I digress). Some of that was expressed in the disappointment that many felt about the film but many of the concepts that Tron and Legacy have continue to inspire in their own ways.

Well fast forward to now and the SXSW Interactive Opening Party. A group called Frog wanted to create a TRON-like game but with an interactive bike control seat, not unlike something you might find at an arcade, albeit with a little less polish. In this video they go over the process for creating the game where they also go through how it has to behave like an arcade game for people to enjoy. It’s also an exer-game, ala Prop Cycle so it does take some effort on the part of the player to play. While it won’t be sowing up at an arcade near you anytime soon,  it’s still a concept I am sure many of us wouldn’t mind trying out someday.

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  1. editor May 25, 2012 at 9:11 am - Reply

    More a ExerGaming idea than a amusement one but still fun. FROG have worked on a number of designs in the amusement sector, they created the first designs of the Digital Jukebox.

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